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Sandals Dunn’s River: A One Of A Kind In Jamaica

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A new and reimagined Sandals All-Inclusive resort just opened up in Ocho Rios, Jamaica —  please, brace yourselves. I'm more than thrilled to tell you about this one. With this new addition, this is the 7th Sandals property in Jamaica which makes it the 3rd one for Ocho Rios, St. Ann. Located on the north coast this new escape is dubbed as 'the most ic[...]

Majorca vs Ibiza: Which One Is For You

Posted In: Europe | Spain
The Balearic Islands of Ibiza and Majorca share a lot of things in common. They’re both known for their white-sand beaches and year-round sunshine, along with some of the biggest party scenes in Europe. But what else should you know about the two islands? Read on to find out which island is right for you: Majorca vs Ibiza. Ibiza et Majorque, deux ma[...]

10 Best Visa-Free Countries To Visit On A Jamaican Passport in 2022

Posted In: Travel Tips | Travels | Visas
We are back with the Jamaican passport article and I believe this has probably taken me a little too long to put together due to the uncertainty, the unpredictability, the anxiety. To be fair, I haven’t quite figured out how to do to this just yet. Travelling has looked so different for me over the past few months. However, waking up in someplace new has[...]

7 Things to Do on a Layover at Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Posted In: U.S.A
A long layover at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport can be a little tricky if you do have have any plans to spend it eslewhere.  Also known as the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, it is the busiest airport in the state of Michigan. If the weather is nice, be sure you take advantage of it and go explore the city. Anywhere from six hours plus is just[...]

Casa Chichipicas- Valle De Bravo, Mexico (Photo Gallery)

Posted In: Destinations | Mexico | Travels
I just returned home from one of my favourite countries— Mexico! This was probably my 5th time visiting the country and my 6th, 7th.. and 8th time is near! I adore Mexico so much— the food, the people, the culture! I always say that Mexico is close to enough to get to but far enough to experience something totally different. Though this was at leas[...]
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Schengen Visa Requirements for Jamaicans

Posted In: Europe | Germany | Travels | Visa Tips | Visas
Exploring Europe can be fun. The history, the architecture, the food. But as for like most countries, a visa is required for Jamaicans to visit. I have already gone through my 5th Schengen visa. In addition, it is also one of the most commonly asked questions across my social media platforms. Planing a trip soon to Europe or thinking of visiting one day...[...]

5 Ultimate Jamaican Experiences

Posted In: Caribbean | Jamaica
I have recently completed Jamaica's 14 parishes in 14 days— 14 days around the island seeking out the best experiences, the best sights and the best Jamaica has to offer. While having previously visited these parishes on several different occasions, doing the whirlwind of a road trip, I felt it was necessary to highlight the best. If you are a Jamaic[...]

20 Best Visa-Free Countries To Visit On A Jamaican Passport in 2020

Posted In: Travels | Visa Tips | Visas
It is that time of the year again—where to travel to and how to get there on your Jamaican passport. The Jamaican passport is getting better and better each year and if there is every a time I feel inspired to share— the time is now. Just like the last 3 years, here am I with the 10 Best visa-free... welp, let's scratch that! Here am I with the[...]

4 Things To Remember When Travelling Long Term

At one time or another, we all let our minds wander to the prospect of leaving our mundane existence behind to set off on a travel adventure. For 30% of workers, in fact, the urge is so strong that they’d be willing to take a pay cut in exchange for more travel opportunities. From the outside looking in, it would appear to be a one-way ticket to happiness,[...]

Sleeping On A HouseBoat: Kerala Backwaters, South India

Posted In: Asia Pacific | India | Travels
For a whole of 17 days, I spent life roaming around Kerala, India. Taking in all the must-see things, the must-do things, eating like a local and all-in-all having the experience of a lifetime. Having just visited the country for the very first time, you would realized that cruising on the sleepy backwaters of the south on one of the houseboats is highly[...]