Club Med Turkiose: The Turks & Caicos Islands

I am a fan of the blues, a fan of the warmth and a fan of the islands. When I discovered that I would be staying at my second Club Med property during my visit to The Turks and Caicos Islands, I was thrilled.

With the first half of my trip joining the Club Med family; I already had a vision. Snorkeling, food, quick beach strolls, more food and several cocktail hours throughout my stay as it is always 5 pm somewhere.

With 3 days in store, I checked into Club Med Turkoise in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos and here are the deets.

Club Med Turkoise

Located alongside the miles-stretched and famously known Grace Bay Beach, this Club Med Property sits on the very seaside of the coast making it effortlessly easy to hop on over to enjoy whatever rocks your boat— should it be swimming, snorkeling, diving, tanning, walking, running, napping or probably my most favourite: lounging around, eating on something and enjoying the warm weather.

The beach is basically your backyard and your playground.

As previously mentioned over on Instagram, everything here is indeed “Turkoise“, including my room. Punny, I know. But it couldn’t be any more fitting for this tropical, turquoise, caribbean destination. My first impression— no wonder its called Club Med Turkoise.

Though, if I’ve somewhat missed the most important point of the day, like all the other Club Med properties, this too is an all-inclusive.

The rooms & The Interior

You have rooms to meet whatever “accommodating” needs you might have. Ocean views, you got it! Pool views, you got it! Lower-lever amongst the palm trees kinda views, you got it. Though most properties will call this garden view, either way, you got it!

During my time here, my nights were spent on the east end of property; somewhere right in between garden & ocean views.

Beach access is easy and though going back and forth to get to the centre of things might take a few minutes walk; the views are stunning. You’ll be in for a scenic ride, well walk. You’ll be in for a scenic walk should you ever be on the east side during your visit.

I enjoyed waking up and taking a stroll to breakfast. Literally, no bad views!

Food & Dining

Dining here is as simple as getting up and heading to the beach. Effortlessly easy, accessible and quick.

Allow me to break it down for you — there are only two restaurants on property. If you are as indecisive as me when it comes on to figuring out what to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner, then with these options you are already halfway to making a decision.

Though, on the other hand — if you like to have options and more options, the selection is wide at the buffet-style restaurant where mainly breakfast, lunch and dinner is being severed.

I generally do not have a sweet tooth, but if you need the dips on dessert— be sure to give bread stuffed with dark chocolate a try. A favourite of mine!

“Sharkies”; just a few meters from the main restaurant is what I like to call the “Yummy Tummy” spot. All the cocktails, the coffee-based beverages, smoothies and good brunching options can be found here. Also, if you’re looking to lunch and bunch with a ’96 degrees in the shades‘ kinda-vibe, this is your spot. Sea, Sun & Shade. You got it!

Entertainment & Activities

When it comes on to Club Med, whether it be activities on the waters, on the ground or in the air: they have it all mapped out.

They are iconically known for their trapeze in-the-air sport, and though I skipped out on the opportunity to give it a try during my Club Med Punta Cana visit, I made sure to give this one a try. A word for the first timers — you will want to go for seconds.

Relaxed or adventurous, Club Med deems to cater and create an all-rounded experience for all levels. From snorkeling, to fitness activities to nighttime entertainment; you’ll have to options to choose what best suits you.

And if you’re waiting for the kicker, here goes – Scuba diving certified courses are offered on the property. In addition, the pool is open for 24hrs. I have spent a lot of time in many hotels/resorts and this is so far is a rare find.


Thank you so much to the Club Med Turkoise family for a warm welcome. I had a wonderful time staying here and I hope to visit more Club Med properties in the near future. 

  • Melissa C.
    November 15, 2018

    Stunning photos are usual Shea! You are just giving me more places to add to my list.

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