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Condor Airlines Premium Class (MBJ-FRA)

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I just visited Germany for the very first time and I couldn’t have thought of a more pleasant transit for the over Atlantic ride. Departing from the Montego Bay (MBJ), I boarded my flight and touched down in Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) 10-hours later with Condor Airlines.

Condor Airlines Overview

Condor Airlines is a low-cost budget airline operating from the Sangster International Airport in Jamaica to 20 other European destinations. The Thomas Cook partner flies directly from the Montego Bay location to 20 European locations, with Germany (Frankfurt) being one of them. The flights leaving out of Montego Bay are limited however; with trips going out 2 days per week, (Wednesdays & Saturdays).

Whilst, Condor Airlines offers 3-different (flight) classes for the over Atlantic route, I had the pleasure of flying Premium for the long-haul. Afterall, it’s a 10-hr flight— Premium in-flight service, customized meal options, extra-legroom, a comfort-recliner seat is worth the extra cost.

Also, I already have more European destinations to my list before the ending of the year; I appreciate the hassle-free, easy, comfy transits.

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Condor Airlines Premium Economy Review 

The 10-hour flight route was a very anticipated trip for me, as this would have been my first time visiting Germany. Lucky enough, for the 10-hour long haul, I flew Premium Economy making my transit so much more comfortable on board.

For me, it doesn’t matter where I’m flying or the length in distance, flying premium or business class is always a much more comfortable experience and it doesn’t take much to figure out why.  The seats are larger, the meal options are a bit more swank and the service provided is instantly better.

Also, flying Premium or Business with Condor gives you the chance to rack up at least 1250 travel miles. Winning!

Condor Airlines: In-flight Service (Food)

The Premium Class seats 35 passengers. Each of which has their own in-flight entertainment, a breakfast,  4- course dinner menu, snack hour and refreshments in between. Each passenger on board has the option to customize their own meal to either Vegetarian, Vegan, gluten-free or lactose-free.

To kickstart off my journey from Montego Bay, after arriving at my seat I was first greeted with a Condor overnight care package. I love care packages! A pair of socks, toiletries, a water bottle…  Shortly after making myself comfy for the long haul, we were presented with the menu. (I’m always so interested to check out the menus of premium/business class flights).

If you’re one of those travellers who look forward to eating on planes, then you should consider spending the extra few dollars for the upgrade.

After we were properly airborne, we were presented with the starter followed by the main meal. Since I am neither vegetarian, vegan, I went straight with the Stewed beef stripes, stewed carrots, mashed potatoes accompanied with a glass of red wine.

Beer, Wine and Spirits are severed complimentary as apart of the premium In-flight service. After my almost 3-years of living in Chile, I’ve grown to appreciate wine so much, so going for this option was a no-brainer. Then, with dessert and then breakfast to follow.

On my return flight back to Montego Bay, my dinner meal consisted of pasta and a portion of meat sauce, potato salad with horseradish and roasted beef. A slice of Cranberry egg cake was served for dessert (which was super tasty by the way).

I was asleep for most of this flight as well. Though, before touching down in Montego Bay, we indulged on some “tea-time”. 

Condor Airlines: Inflight Service  

I’m never the one to go to sleep on long-haul overnight flights. However, for this transit, I was asleep for about 7hours for each leg. When we landed in Frankfurt I wasn’t even jetlagged, (as I caught up while on board). The staff on board was super friendly and helpful. Though, for my next trip over the Atlantic with Condor, I am already thinking of trying out the Business Class. It’s the upgrade to Premium Economy. Afterall, you cannot have enough space when you are getting prepared to fly on board for 10 hours.

Thanks so much to Condor Airlines for having me on board and Airline Reporter for the cover image.

  • Krystal Neumayer
    January 1, 2020

    Hey Shea, just curious we just booked premium tickets from Frankfurt to Seattle. How far back to the seats recline?

  • Marlene McLean
    March 4, 2019

    Planning to go this year, via Condor. What was the cost for the premium ticket then. Also, any ideas for visiting nearby countries while in Germany?

    • Douglas Harper
      Marlene McLean
      March 4, 2019

      Hey Marlene, I went to Frankfurt in November last year also. My wife and I took a train to Paris from Frankfurt, so that’s an option. If you go to you can check out the cities you can visit by train from Frankfurt.

  • Avia Watkin
    September 28, 2018

    Great posts.Ever been to Finland?

  • Yollanda Frame
    July 9, 2018

    I share the same dream of traveling the world one day. How do i get started i need your advice

  • Sher
    June 14, 2018

    I’ve always wanted to visit there. Can you give some info on the visa requirements? I have heard that getting a visa to visit Germany is hard.

    • Shea Powell
      June 14, 2018

      Hi Sher! Applying for the visa is not a difficult as you might want to think. Once you can provide the information they request, you should be fine.

  • touchinjamaica
    June 14, 2018

    Interesting post. We do it the other way around everytime we visit Jamaica. The last years we had booked Premium Economy, because of the comfort. But if you think, CONDOR is a cheap cost airline, try Eurowings. THEY are much cheaper, but not always on time 😀

    • Shea Powell
      June 26, 2018

      I have never flown with Eurowing, but I absolutely love the service provided on Condor and it was on time… for both routes. 🙂

  • LAVS
    June 12, 2018

    Did you only need your passport, or did you need a visa / Schengen?

    • Shea Powell
      June 12, 2018

      Hi Lavs, you’ll need a Schengen visa to visit.

  • Nadine C.
    June 12, 2018

    I love love your blog posts. Always so detailed and well put together. I am hoping one day I will be able to fly premium or business. Lol. Until then, I will continue to live vigorously through you. Keep up the good work, Shea!

    • Shea Powell
      Nadine C.
      June 12, 2018

      Thanks for stopping by Nadine. Happy travels! 🙂

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