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5 Unique Things To Do In Portland, Jamaica

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I love exploring Portland! It doesn’t matter how many times per year I visit this eastern coastline of Jamaica, I am always in search of new experiences.

Although the popular sites such as the Blue Lagoon, Somerset falls, The Frenchman’s Cove are must-do activities when visiting the parish… let’s flip things a little and talk about some of the unique things you can do here in  Portland.

Here are 5 unique things to do in Portland, Jamaica.

1. Explore the Beaches

You’re probably already thinking this is not very unique, but here’s the kicker..they are free! On a usual basis, foreigners and even locals have to pay an entrance fee to gain access to the pristine beaches here in Jamaica. But, here in Portland, the beaches are free of entrance fees— even the really picturesque ones, which is usually not the case.

To protect the locals and their freedom to roam and enjoy the beaches for free, I’ll refrain from mentioning all the free beaches that are worth visiting. Though, I’ll point out… The Boston Bay Beach is one of them.


2. Go on a Yoga Retreat

I just completed my first Yoga & Meditation Retreat ever here in Portland, Jamaica and I could n’t be any more relaxed, renewed and rejuvenated.

I spent 4 days practising Yoga and Meditation at Go Natural Jamaica, which is located on the stretch of Long Bay, Portland.

With Portland being the heart of nature of the island, I couldn’t have thought about a better place to unplug and practice a few days of mindfulness.


3. Stay at the Seacliff Resort

This is my most recent find in Portland and I couldn’t be happier with this spot.

Nestled on a cliffside of Long Bay, the Seacliff Resort is perfect for anyone looking to have a relaxed weekend with nothing more to do than to enjoy the views of the East Coast. The views are truly breathtaking.


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4. Explore Reach Falls 

Explore Reach Falls. Like, really explore it. Once again, this is a popular spot. Well, to be frank— the main falls is truly the popular spot. The unique thing about Reach Falls is that it can be explored beyond what is known as the main tourist attraction.

To add, it has some of the clearest waters I have ever seen. For me, this is one more reason to keep falling in love with Portland. It just keeps treating me right.

secret-places-to-visit-in-portland-jamaica secret-places-to-visit-in-portland-jamaica

5.  Surf in Boston Bay Beach

Surfing is not a popular water spot in Jamaica, though I can see this changing. If you’re up for a little surf adventure, head over to the Boston Bay Beach where you’ll be able to literally surf up a storm.

If you require lessons, don’t worry, they are locals available on spot to offer lessons by the hour.



6. The East Coast Sunrise

To add, this is not something unique to do here. Though, I find that no talks about the sunrises in Portland, so I thought I’d add it in.

Like on the west, the sunsets are perfect. Whenhen in Portland, be sure to catch the sunrises. They are nothing short of spectacular.

secret-places-to-visit-in-portland-jamaica secret-places-to-visit-in-portland-jamaica

Happy Travels!

  • Trissana Watson
    August 30, 2018

    Wow this is amazing. Glad you had fun. I have visited Portland a few times myself. Enjoy the great blue lagoon.

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