The epitome of modern and contemporary, Libertine is designed to promote a social atmosphere and one that guests can identify as a home away from home. With a honour system, or (self-service) system in place, guests are free to help themselves to anything in the bar.

Lindenberg has created areas to allow guests to feel completely comfortable and (at home)— from the spacious common areas, the uniquely designed living room cafe, the 5th-floor guest community lounge, to the gym in the basement. There is also a common kitchen that gives you the opportunity to prepare small meals. If you are here to stick around for a while, you’ll have all you need. In addition, there is also a recording studio on property in which you can enjoy movie nights with other guests.

Libertine Lindenberg: A Unique Design & Character 

The strike of pastel-looking-colors and the uniquely designed decors are eye-catching. From the common areas to the rooms to even the stairwells… each space has something interestingly designed. The main entrance and rooms are based on an access code system. There is also an ATM-styled machine at the main entrance for self-check-in. This is so 2050! 🙂

With Libertine being within walking distance to almost all the attractions, it is a good option for solo travellers. Entertainment and dining are also readily available as there are numerous options literally at your doorstep. Also, to add, the pub scene gets busy during the late evenings and even more so on the weekends.

 Libertine Lindenberg: The Interior & Rooms