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Here’s how you can create your own guide and share some of the best things to do and some of the best places to see in your favorite cities in the easiest and simplest way.

Creating and sharing my city guides over on Townske is fun, simple and helps me share my experiences through the cities even more up close and personal.


Traveling big cities can be exhausting and overwhelming if you do not know exactly what you would like to do or have an idea of what you would like to see.

Townske helps me to create, share and break down huge cities into smaller increments for a 2- 3 day guide primarily tagging it’s specific location, why it is a “must-see”, and of course exclusive photos of the location itself. It also allows me to view other guides with 6-8 spots, showing places and things I can do when I am planning short 3 day trips in huge cities.

IMG_9065You can also view guides which already features shared tips, photos, and locations of the same city you created a guide for. A different view is always great. It could showcase something missed or someplace you would like to see on your next visit.

IMG_9073With a tops of 20 minutes to make a guide I am excited to share my favorite spots from cities all over.

Head over to and see my guides of upcoming cities from:









  • Jaba Jai
    September 22, 2015

    really cool article, very informative and innovative

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