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Brazil: In the Blink of An Eye

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My Trip to Brazil was short yet unique and tasteful. The atmosphere, the people, the country; was literally magical.

This was  quite an unusual trip for me, as I always have a vibrant and exciting streak in me to live a little more in new atmospheres. An urge to breathe in the air of somewhere new, to flourish my tastebuds with the nations’s most authentic and spiciest dishes, to see things that will make me want to come back again. My favorite however has always been to simply stride the city’s alleyways by myself, to really connect and become one with the rhythm of the people wherever I travel and so Brazil was no different. 

I spent a total of four days in Rio de Janeiro, when I am asked by friends how my trip was, I had to pause to reflect on my strides through the city alleys; I tell them it is somewhere you have to see. 

I dabbled in everything. I started out with sight-seeing, got a little sun in on the beach, tried to learn a few words in Portuguese and all through this I was constantly eating.

Here are some recommendations. The Christ Redeemer statute sits on top of the Tijuca National Park representing Brazil’s religious roots, go to see it. With such a high point over the city you will be granted with some of the most outstanding views, make sure to go up by train. Copacabana and Ipanema beach located in Zona Sur are great spots to relax. They are anchored by palms trees, quite famous for their wavy misty body of water with a constant flow of blue that meets the tip of the horizon bordered by glistening white sand; an absolute picturesque location.

Eat as much acai berries as is humanly possible, they are from the Amazon regions so you don’t want to miss out and wash them all down with fresh ice-cold jelly coconuts.

Here’s the kicker; pick a city center on your local map and walk the alleyways, feel the rhythm and warmth of the country/area  and truly settle into your surrounding. Your trip would not be completed until you visit the colorful steps in Lapa, Selarón’s Staircase and a walk through Rio’s botanical garden located on the outskirts of the City Center.

Meet the evening sunset on top of the Sugarloaf mountain, get here by cable car, take someone special if you would like. Watch as the day goes to sleep and the entire spread in front of you is painted in orange. See the rhythm of the people goes into relax mood and flickers all over the city like fireflies, as Rio comes alive under a different light.

  • Sanura
    January 14, 2016

    I love your writing, it paints a beautiful picture! I absolutely loved Rio and I can’t wait to return and just explore everything off the beaten path and venture down some of these alleyways you mentioned.

    • Shea Powell
      June 2, 2016

      Thank you so much Sanura. Rio is such a beautiful place and the people are so friendly. I cannot wait to return in a few weeks.

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