Checking In: Skylark Negril Beach Resort

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New to Negril: The Skylark Negril Beach Resort 

Just a week ago, I checked into one of the newest locations along-side the beach in Negril, Jamaica. This beach resort is totally unique with a hint of chic and modern decor.

Skylark Negril sits right on the stretch of the 7-mile beach giving you easy, nearby access and the perfect seat to the west coast sunsets.

About the Resort

Skylark Negril debuts just over a month ago. With its sister hotel; The Rockhouse Hotel being just 5-miles away on the WestEnd it is almost like having best of both worlds. Chic, modern, beach access on one side and endless cliffs, deep ocean waters on the other. It is a great contrast!

If you’re ever wondering what’s the meaning behind the Jamaican slang, “Skylark” — it almost like creating mischief, misbehaving, engaging in shenanigans but in a positive way. A  few days ago, I spent my time “Skylarking” here — having some of the tastiest Jamaican cuisines, roaming the pristine 7-mile beach and  “Skylarking” some more with friends over beers.

The Skylark experience promotes a social ambiance amongst its fellow travellers and the locals.

In terms of its physical location, it is located alongside the Norman Manley Boulevard and facing towards the 7-mile beach.

The Interior  & The Surrounding 

Palm trees, lush greenery, beach scene, salty air is what Skylark is comprised of. It cannot get any better than this when you’re in the Caribbean. Just a few minutes walk, (maybe just seconds) from the beach is the tropical dream.

As for the interior, the minute you enter your room you will realize how unique the set up is. From minimalist wooden-style structures to accented colours and wall paintings to go with it— it captures the turn essence of modern, chic & new.


 The Spa Experience 

This was pretty much what the doctor ordered for me during my stay here. Being that I am always on the go, I was more than happy to go in for a full body “Swedish Massage“. The whole Skylark Spa Experience takes you on a simple, yet a holistic approach to well-being, relaxation, health and happiness with a Jamaican touch to it. The Skylark Spa features full body massages, foot and beauty therapies. If you visit sometime soon, I definitely recommend going in for a session. I am already forward to the Hot Stone Spa Treatment when I revisit.

The Dining Experience 

The menu is curated from a tropical grill-based food & beverage perspective. It features some of  Jamaica’s highlights; smoked and seasoned chicken, pork, and fish — having you dining like local.

The menu also features other traditional Jamaican home cooking (the must-haves when visiting the island): curried goat, oxtail and whole fish.

The nighttime dining comes through with a vibe. Nightly entertainment during dinner with a selection of the Caribbean’s finest rums. You’ll be in for a vibe.

If you’re looking to go Skylarking soon, be sure to visit Skylark Negril

To Book: Skylark Beach Negril 

Price Range: $95-195 (per room)


Thanks to Skylark Negril for the invite. I had such a good time and I looking forward to revisiting soon.

  • Jhunelle J ♦
    June 4, 2018

    Sister hotel to my Rockouse you say? Hmmm!

  • Rose Peters
    June 4, 2018

    Hi Ms. Powell, is it all inclusive. Organizing a a High School Reunion for August 2019 and Negril is the location. Will be approximately 30 persons (both local & international). Any suggestions of hotels please (all-inclusive). Thank you.

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