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Tropical Lagoon Resort— Portland, Jamaica

My love for Portland is endless, so much so that I keep going back. For as long as I can remember, Portland has always been a destination where to relax, indulge in nature and to sort of be off the grid.

When researching where I’d like to spend these few days, Tropical Lagoon was up for grabs. Located amongst one of the holy grails of Portland— I was excited to check into this resort for a few days to enjoy the nature that surrounds… and of course, to take in Blue Lagoon from a bird’s eye view.

Overview of the Tropical Lagoon Resort

When it comes on to being located in the midst of things, then the Tropical Lagoon is for the win.

Situated just above one of Portland’s top attractions and carefully tucked in nature — a partial panoramic view of both the sea and the forest coast that surround. And, if you’re wondering yes, a bird’s eye view of the Blue Lagoon can be achieved from here. Talk about perspective!

Heading east of Portland, the Tropical Lagoon is no more than a 20-minute drive coming in from Port Antonio.

The Details

My first impression— I was shocked to have discovered some of Tropical Lagoon’s secrets within the first couple of minutes.

The property itself is perch on the hill and is colourfully decorated in pastel Caribbean colours. Upon ascending the hill, where most of the villas are located, sea nature views are in sight! This is my absolute favourite. When I think about Portland; you want to be surrounded by nature— and by the sea.

To add, the villas are named after the fruits that surround the property— a few steps from my door and I was already chowing down Starfruits and Guavas. From tree to mouth!

The Rooms

Each room, are better yet, each villa somewhat has their own personality. No two rooms/villas are the same.

They are spacious, comes with a balcony and aside from the bedrooms, each villa has a living space, dining area, kitchenette. It also equipped with the necessities— refrigerator, a cooking stove, microwave.

Taking this into perspective, Tropical Lagoon is perfect for family staycations groups looking to possibly relax, lounge by the pool but also has easy access to the major tourist sites around.

To top it off, you can also look forward to having breakfast here each morning at no additional cost.

The Dining Options

The food options here are wide— from typical Jamaican food to various vegan-style dishes.

Though various options are available, while I was here a majority of my meals were typical Jamaican dishes.

Meals are done to order and upon request. Though a menu is being presented, the freedom to personally customized a dish is also available.

What Stands Out!

Let me get straight to the point— the view of the Blue Lagoon. It’s stunning! Also, if you are a fan of pastel-looking colours and wooden fixtures, then you will appreciate this location.

To add, due to its stunning beauty— Tropical Lagoon Resort is available upon request for video shootings and recordings. A travel related video shoot anyone?

Would I recommend?

If you’re looking to enjoy the nature that surrounds and still be in close proximity to some of the well-known spots that are on the Portland’s “to-do-list”… then go for it.

The villas are big, spacious and ideal for groups. The 2-bedroom villa sleeps 4, whilst the 1-bedroom villa sleeps 2.

What’s Nearby: 

The Blue Lagoon: Situated just steps away (well, a steep hill away), the Blue Lagoon await.  Approximately a 6 minute walk from your room and you’re there.

Money Island: A  lookout spot which is a 15-minute walk away. It is great for photos.

Frenchman’s  Cove Beach: Next in line it the Frenchman’s Cove Beach. A 4-minute drive or a good 20-minute walk and you’re there. The Frenchman’s Cove Beach attracts an entrance fee of $10 (USD)

Port Antonio: the town of Port Antonio is only a 20- minute drive from the Tropical Lagoon Resort. Everything is here. Local supermarkets, markets, shopping etc.

The Pier: Perfect for sunset watchers or for anyone looking to have an afternoon stroll. This is situated within the city of Port Antonio.

Bikini Beach: This is a city beach that is located within the same vicinity of the Pier. Entrance fee: FREE


Booking Information: Tropical Lagoon Resort 

Price Range: $150USD & up (prices vary per season)

Location: Fairy Hill, Portland, Jamaica

  • Sakile
    October 9, 2020

    Maybe I missed it? But I would’ve loved if the costs were included for a potential stay like this. I definitely refer to this blog for travel recommendations, but it would be complete if the price was posted as well. Cheers!

  • Ricardo
    October 16, 2018

    Great article, I am from Jamaica and will definitely try to visit this hotel before the year is out.

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