Checking In: Pineapple Beach Club, Antigua


During my visit to Antigua, I was eager to check out as many locations on the island as possible. It was a week-long itinerary, and I was looking to squeeze as much in while staying at the Pineapple Beach Hotel in Long Bay. Antigua is known for its 365 beaches, its pastel-looking colors, and its sweet Caribbean vibes. I was in for a week-long, awesome ride. Looking for a beach vacation? Discover the quaint charm of Footbridge Beach Motel & Cottages, offering a peaceful beachfront stay with modern amenities.



Checking In My Ocean View Room 

I touched down on the island via the International airport just about 45-minutes out. Warm weather, friendly locals— I knew I was already in for a treat. I arrived at the resort shortly after, checked into my room and my first thought was: “these are views for days“. Have you ever walk into a room, drop your bags, walk to the outside and the views alone made you think how beautiful life is? I kept saying this for a good 5 minutes before I could gain my composure to check out the rest of the room. For seven nights, it was a king sized bed completed with an ocean view, a full bath and powder room and a balcony (for afternoon tea & views) 🙂

Each room comes with a different personality. You can tailor your reservation to be either beachfront view, ocean view, waterfront or even courtyard view.



Pineapple Beach Club Surrounding

The 360-degree ocean view across the property did not let me forget I was in the Caribbean. From the orange-colour sunrises to its clear-water-white-sand stretch of beach, it’s lush greenery; PBC has curated the perfect ambiance to ensure a relaxed Adult-only staycation.

Also, I couldn’t pass its pastel-looking colours and sort of Caribbean feel throughout the entire property.




The All- Inclusive Experience

Along with its sister property The Verandah Beach & Spa,  this property offers an all-inclusive package to complete with the room rate.  An availability of 5 different restaurants is on the property. With The Outhouse sitting at the very top—this happens to be my favourite ( the views here are to die for).

On selected evenings, a full- service beach BBQ is in the mix with entertainment. Everyone gets together and have a family-style feast on the beach.

Full-service and mini-bars are scattered throughout. Grabbing a Mimosa or a glass of wine has never been easier.pineapple-beach-club-longbay-antigua


To book: Pineapple Beach Club

Prices start at $267USD per person/per night, (at the time of publishing)

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A huge thanks Elite Resorts, Traverse Events and the Pineapple Beach Club for such a warm welcome!

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