Hopkins Bay Resort: Old Southern Hospitality

Not your typical destination. Although mentioned throughout several travel books and travel magazines this town and it’s surrounding areas somehow manage to remain untouched and this is the beauty of it.
This is what it was like checking into Hopkins Bay  Resort.

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Country-styled; shined wooden floors with a cozy rustic but tropical feel were my first thoughts when I imagined Southern Belize. And to my delight, Hopkins Bay Resort did not disappoint.


With several paved pathways, separated by lush green roots and trees, one of my most vivid memories of the country-side was captured here.


Hopkins is a small village and is a tasty bait for scuba lovers, experienced fishermen and travelers who seek to experience good ‘ole Belizean hospitality. It’s off the beaten track; the quiet town carries a warm southern charm. Beautiful wooden homes perched on stilts and the people are extremely welcoming. The local music Punta Rock is infectious with its unique flair and african influence will leave you happily exhausted.

Hopkins Bay Resort

The Hopkins Bay resort was flawless; sitting on one side of the bay overlooking the country side. The sound of waves and a mesmerizing orange bouncing off the sunset creates a serene and tranquil atmosphere.


With only one bus a day that goes into the town, use the lack of traffic as an opportunity to bike around, you can see a lot in 20 minutes.

If you are ever thinking of visiting Hopkins Village, stay here and enjoy waking up to the sound of waves. A 5 minute walk to breakfast isn’t too bad either.
Don’t forget to try the Fried Jack with some beans and stewed chicken; a local’s specialty and a favorite of mine.

Hopkins Bay Resort

If you are around on a Tuesday night stop on over to Driftwood; the local music spot for drumming and dancing, you might also be lucky enough to learn a word or two from the local language, Garifuna.

This visit will seriously expose you to the best of both worlds; from an unbelievable under water adventure to a glistening sunset mirroring Belize’s clear waters. A five minute walk to breakfast with the cyclical crashing of waves was the background sound to truly reflect and appreciate that I was literally experiencing perfection.

Resort    : Hopkins Bay Resort

Location: Hopkins Village, Belize

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  • clive
    November 8, 2016

    real travel need to make my footsteps like yours , lol

  • Zoey
    May 3, 2016

    Awesome photography! I’m hoping to visit Belize soon and definitely will check out this resort!

    • Shea Powell
      May 4, 2016

      Thank you so much Zoey! You will have a great time here. 🙂

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