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Jamaica Food & Drink Festival 2018: Here’s What You Need To Know

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While this announcement is probably a little late for my blog readers, I want to think this is the perfect timing as the kick-off for the Jamaica Food & Drink 2018 string of events is only moments away.

Early this year, this past July to be exact, I was awarded by the Caribbean Tourism Industry as the Top Influencer for my coverage of last year’s Jamaica Food and Drink Festival. I’m thrilled. I’m elated and ever so grateful. Thank you to everyone who tuned in with me live and direct via my little space on the internet.

Now, with the 2018 food festivities upon us, I am happy to be returning for the second time. No doubt, I have my tastebuds, camera and most importantly, my good vibes ready.

This time around;  7 nights featuring 7 different events. I’m giving you the before details. Here’s what you need to know before you go.

Jamaica Food & Drink Festival 2018 

Kingston Is Not Just A Transit City! 

Host to the number 1 Urban food festival in the Caribbean, Kingston has what to pull you in. It has culture, music, food, mountains, scenery, beach, more food. It has authenticity, creativity and good vibes. Am I selling it to you right yet?

All in all, Kingston is so much than what we may already have in mind. During your Jamaica Food & Drink visit to the country’s capital city, be sure to explore.

Play During the Day. Dine at Night! 

During Jamaica Food & Drink Festival 2017, my daytimes were spent exploring the capital. Though I am no stranger to Kingston, I did some tours for the very first time. The Bob Marley Museum was one of them (I know, long overdue). If I should recommend a tour to do in Kingston. This one tops the list.

Sunset hour from Strawberry Hills, overlooking the city is also a favourite. Only a-25 minute drive from the capital and you’re practically on the Blue Mountains. Nice gesture right? If you enjoy nature, crisp fresh air— be such to add this to your list of things to do whilst exploring Kingston.

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We’re In the Tropicals – Events Are on The Outdoors. 

The Jamaica Food & Drink events are famously known to be on the outdoors and beautifully decorated too. I’m a fan! Each night features a different location and a different setting. To be fair, I want to think it’s not truly Caribbean if it’s not on the outdoors. The warmth, the energy. Be prepared to dine and wine in true Caribbean style.

P.S. The Month of October is rainy season in Jamaica but what’s the tropics without a little rain. 🙂


Each Night,  A Different Theme

Last year, aside from the food— I looked forward to seeing the set-ups. To see the themes come alive. Chopstix: Asian cuisines and decor were in full swing. Picante: Mexican-themed and everything… Better yet, Latin American-themed and everything. In fact, right before JFDF2017, I had just gotten back from travelling in Central America. I am a huge fan of their food. Picante brought me right back to those food memories.

Jamaica and the Caribbean on a whole is a Mezcla of different cultures, cuisines, groups of people coming together to make One. Be prepared to be introduced to the different flavours. Impresionate!


Food Brings People Together

If there is nothing you believe until this moment. Believe this! Food brings people together! No doubt. 7 Nights, 7 different events. We’re into having a gooood time!

pictured with @qqfoodjournal

Food Is Everywhere. Brace Yourselves 

A little insider. Last year at the very first event; Pork Palooza, I failed miserably. Having had 15 different chefs available, I was full having tried only 4-5 different chefs. I went for seconds, possibly thirds. I am not a big Pork eater but it was good. Though, by the second to the third event, I was a Pro. By then, I had it all figured out.

If you intend to try all Chefs available be sure to brace yourselves from the very get-go. It gets good, I know, but brace yourselves in order to try them all and have the full experience.


It’s The Number 1 Urban Food Festival In The Caribbean

I cannot forget the moment the Minister of Tourism, Hon. Ed Barlette greeted and shook hands with me in New York City this past July. He was so thrilled and extremely heartfelt that Jamaica took home an award for a food event.

Jamaica’s gastronomy tourism sector is up and coming; making Kingston the food hub of the Caribbean. Currently ranked as the number  1 Urban Food Festival in the Caribbean; I hereby say Jamaica is not just about Sun, Sand & Sea, but also about Food, Fun & Flavour.


Enjoy this year’s debut of the Jamaica Food & Drink Festival. Food is everything. It’s fun. It’s love and it brings people together—  that’s important.

I’ll be in the crowd somewhere, starting off with Chopstix. Events are scheduled to go from October 20th-28th. See you there!


Happy travel & happy eating!

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  • Mark @ Waterwheel Ja
    November 1, 2018

    Wow. Really enjoyed your almost real to life pictures of the Food & Drink Festival. Enjoyed all except Pork Palooza (don’t eat pork). Strawberry Hills also looks very relaxing. Thanks Shea!

  • Jhunelle J ◇
    October 20, 2018

    Thanks for the heads up Shea! I’ll be attending a couple of the events, including Pork Palooza, so I’ll make sure to pace my hungry self. Hope to buck you up 🙂

  • Toshshena S Beckford
    October 20, 2018

    “If you intend to try all Chefs available be sure to brace yourselves from the very get-go. It gets good, I know, but brace yourselves in order to have the full experience”. I completely agree with that little passage right there. I”m very excited… cant wait!

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