Katamah Guesthouse: Moroccan-Style Beachfront Haven

This has been my first time in 10 years getting the chance to re-visit a lesser-explored part of Jamaica- Treasure Beach, Saint Elizabeth.

With an exciting 3 days instore I started off the adventure by checking into a Mocorran-styled guesthouse with no more than 10 steps away from the beach: Katamah Guesthouse.

I wanted to re-visit, re-explore and re-discover— I wanted to have a new and unique experience and within the first few minutes, I was content.

Not more than just 10 footsteps away from the beach, this location has a rustic, tropical vibe with a swing of Moroccan-styled cabins and villas.


For those who are looking to have a relaxed beachy staycation, this uniquely designed beach house is ideal on so many levels. It is perfect for solo travellers, family getaways, weekends away or for anyone who’s looking to experience something unique. The villas are ideal for families, whilst the cabins are for anyone in particular with a touch of tropical life: featuring outdoor showers. Also, being right on the beachfront is a major plus.katamah-treasure-beach

Checking in: Katamah Beachfront Guesthouse

Located on Treasure Beach, the Katamah Guesthouse is family run and focuses on creating a unique beachy experience for its guests. From it’s distinctively styled cabins, villas and surrounding architecture, Katamah is almost like Morocco in Jamaica. 

Also, during my days here, Katamah was in the process of building a handicapped accessible villa. Another major “high five” right here!

katamah-treasure-beachkatamah-treasure-beachkatamah-treasure-beachkatamah-treasure-beachhttp://www.katamah.com/Location & View 

If this is your first time visiting Treasure Beach and you have the “must-do’s” on your list, you will quickly realize that they are literally right at your doorsteps. Also, if you are a lover of the golden hour, brace yourselves; they are magical and no two sunsets are ever the same.


Katamah Beachfront Guesthouse is uniquely done offering guests different and off-the-beat experiences. If you have spent some time on my blog, you would have realized that I am always in search of hidden gems. Also, waking up to the sound of the waves is really not a bad idea.


Lodging Details:

Guesthouse: Katamah Beachfront Guesthouse

Location: Treasure Beach, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica

Price Range: $80-$260 low/high season


Personal Recommendations on Restaurants:

Eggy’s Beach Bar

Jackspat Bar & Restaurant

**Please be aware that even though the Parrot Fish is widely fished and consumed, it is imperative that we know what losing these fishes will do to the coral reefs. Without the Parrot Fish, the coral reef ecosystems and the tourism industry of Jamaica are threatened tremendously. Let’s substitute the parrotfishes for some Snappers. 

Happy Travels!

Thanks to Katamah Beachfront Guesthouse for hosting me during my visit to the south coast. I had such a good time. Thanks Maya and Yana! 

  • Monika Osborne
    April 24, 2018

    Much love Shea! Thank you again for this beautiful account! We now have a press page on our website and have added this! Blessings xx

  • Toni-Ann
    January 23, 2018

    I’ve had Katamah on my radar ever since I’ve found them on social media. It looks absolutely dreamy and seems to be right up my alley in terms of places I like to vacation. I’ll definitely try to hit it up once I’m back in Jamaica!

    P.S. Your photos are amazing! Love them <3

  • Andrea Smith
    January 22, 2018

    Shea, who takes your photos?

  • Michelle T
    January 22, 2018

    I love love love your posts!!

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