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Río Claro Nature Reserve (Photo Gallery)

Let me say it; I was impressed! Traveling 3hrs from the city of Medellin, Colombia there lies a small, remote gem that is an ideal hidden paradise. The kind that will wash your worries away, literally speaking; Río Claro Nature Reserve.


This place stole my already fleeting heart, let me get straight to it. If you are in Medellin this is a great overnight trip. Notice;  I refrain from making reference of a good weekend trip, as this is the time most travelers will want to escape the hustles of Medellin and surrounding areas to find that ease.  With that being said, try to make it during the week, if you are looking for a quiet solitude.

rio-claro-colombiaIMG_0391It may not be often one gets to explore a river with water so clear; lined with rocks that happens to be glimmering in the rays of the sunlight.  Edged with a foundation so white it will give you a , ‘yes, I think I have made a great choice’ feel .It is a no problem time experience. Simply speaking; it is hard to have a bad time here at Río Claro Nature Reserve.

IMG_0355IMG_0373 (1)An overnight stay or two is highly recommended, especially if you deem to experience the offered- day time activities. One of the most rewarding is the 3hr hike through the cave. This defines hidden paradise, depending on your desires you might just want to stay longer.IMG_0412IMG_0415 (1)IMG_0364IMG_0413IMG_0320

For my fellow explorers, here are some tips to consider when visiting this gem.

  • If you are traveling from Medellin via a bus company, you will need to depart from the North Terminal. Buses usually operates on a morning schedule between the 8th and 9th hour or on an afternoon schedule at 14hrs. Prices range between 19,000-23,000 COP. This will take 3hrs from Medellin or 5hrs if you are departing from Bogotá.
  • You will be required to pay a 10,000 COP entrance fee to gain access to this piece of gem.
  • If you are looking to do an overnight trip, you will have the options of small hostels and camping. The price for camping starts out at 15,000 COP for 1 night, 25,000 COP for 2 nights, 35,000 COP for 3 nights. Hostels stays start at 25,000 COP. (Prices may range depending on the season.)
  • Try to make it during the week, instead of the weekend if you prefer a quiet experience.
  • Do not forget to bring along with you some mosquito repellent. Afterall, you will not be the only one trying to get your toes wet or see the sparking skies once the sun goes down.







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