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Spa Weekend In Negril

It is no secret that whenever we think about Negril, we think of miles of sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Whilst Negril is known for its quick beach getaway, a perfect location for snorkeling and scuba-diving — just over a week ago during my last visit I took a different spin on it.

Shortly before making my way to Germany, I had a quick 2-day stopover in Negril, Jamaica in which I checked my way into Skylark Negril. It was a short but sweet stay… and one that turned out to be possibly one for the most relaxing 2-day weekends I’ve had in the longest while.

I daddled in and took advantage of a Full-Spa weekend in Negril with Rockhouse Hotel and Skylark Negril. Here are the details…

Spa Weekend Negril 

Just before jet-setting off to Germany with Condor Airlines, I stopover in Negril in which I checked my way into Skylark Negril. It was 2 days filled with ocean views and a whole other level of self-pampering.  It first began with a Deep Coconut Bath Treatment at the Rockhouse Hotel, (just 5-miles away on west-end-side of Negril). But, not only was I in for a fancy coconut-bath-filled treatment but the views. I simply cannot get over the deep-ocean-cliff-views on the West-End… and Rockhouse has the perfect seating for that too.

I kicked out my Spa Weekend with a deep-bath treatment, then a completely Bali-inspired afternoon tea ceremony. Day 2- I sealed the deal with a Full-Body Swedish Massage at Skylark Negril. I wasn’t here for a long time, but I was here for a good time… and a relaxed time.

Coconut Milk Deep Bath Treatment

Have you ever walked into a room and the moment you enter you feel like you’ve been transported to somewhere you’ve always wanted to be? A place that seems to calm, so refreshing? Like, any feeling besides a state of happiness and contentment was just left on the outside? A feeling, that once you enter you know it’s going to be good? All of those thoughts rushed through my mind the moment I walked into the Bathhouse, and I knew I was in for a deep ride. *Pinche Me*

The Bathhouse treatment here is Rockhouse’s signature way of taking you on a holistic journey. From the feel, the aesthetics, the atmosphere—it is one of the most peaceful and rejuvenating processes. For 50 -minutes, I sat and soaked in a therapeutic(Coconut Milk) bath ritual accompanied by my selection of aromatherapy blend. Each blend is meant to: Release, Rapture or Restore. 

I went with a Rapture blend, which happens to be a warm, aromatic synergy bathing experience. Filled with Coconut milk, coconut flakes, hibiscus and bougainvillea; my mind and body was at ease and it was during this moment I prayed for this experience to be twice as long. 🙂 I didn’t want it to end!

If you’re looking to go on a journey; one with sweet tropical aromas, one that will lift your mood and puts your mind and body at ease— I am personally recommending this bath treatment.

To BookRockhouse Hotel, West End Road, Negril, Jamaica
+1.876.618.1533 /+1.876.957.4373

Bathhouse Treatment prices start at: $75 pp

A Bali Inspired Tea Ceremony

I hope I am not the only tea fan here. After the 50-minute deep bath treatment, a Bali Inspired Ceremony was next on the line-up. I kept asking myself if this day HAD to come to an end. I was in total relax mode; as it should be.

A Swedish Full Body Massage

Day 2 has arrived and I was still in awe from my spa treatment the day before. Feeling totally relaxed at ease. However, a full body massage at Skylark Negril was on the line-up and I was extremely excited about this.

I kicked-started off the day with breakfast and ocean views at Skylark before making my way up for a 1-hour massage session.

My massage spa session started out with a quick 5-minute foot ritual to release, rapture or restore and to sort of get you in the grove.

For 60-minutes, I laid still and basked in the moment of a full body stress-reducing process. Once again, another day I did not want to be over.

Though, feeling completely revitalized, relaxed and restored I was ready to take on my next trip. If you have never thought about making Negril your next spa destination, I highly recommend it. From the beach views, to the deep ocean cliffs, good energy, deep bathhouse treatment, spa sessions; it’s a complete package.

To Book:  Skylark Beach Resort Negril

Happy Travels!


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  • Terri
    November 20, 2018

    I’ve been to Negril numerous times over the years and I’ve only had your normal massages at the hotel. What you’ve described seemed like heaven. I can’t wait to try the bath house when I return next month. Thanks

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