Discovering Yucatan, Mexico

The Yucatan Peninsula is the Southeastern zone of Mexico that separates the Caribbean Sea from the Gulf of Mexico, with Campeche and Quintana Roo serving as border states. Yucatan is home to many historical sites that draws many travellers and visitors from all over to the world to experience what it has to offer. It is predominantly known for it’s impressive Mayan ruins, of which 1 of currently holds the title of a new “Wonder of the World”. Its cultural capital, nature reserves, its food and architecture plays a big role too. Many visit this area to get a little feel from them all and to capture some of their best historical Mexico moments. Here are a few keys places you might want to consider adding to the “list” while discovering Yucatan, Mexico.


Discovering Yucatan

If you thinking of educating yourself about the Mayan culture and to see Mayan sites then the Yucatan region is one of the places to be. With the famous Chicken Itza (pictured above) located in the heart of the region, this one specific spot that draw hundreds of visitors a day to get a glimpse of the once so powerful Mayan hub. The famous site makes up 1 of the 7 New Wonders, and is surrounded by a few others — Uxmal and Dzibilchaltun. After my first couple of days in the Yucatan region, my very own thoughts were that of, ‘…the Mayans knew how to pick the best spots.’ Whilst historically and culturally fit, Yucatan embraces it’s natural reserves—home to the flamingos and a few other wildlife in Celestum, deep fresh water Cenotes and a pinch of beachy topical life on the Holbox Island.

With such a diverse background, Yucatan attracts many visitors and travellers to its’ treasures, making their trip no short of a fulfilling experience.

Merída, The Colonial Town & Capital

Discovering Yucatan is not quite complete until you visit Merida. Merida is the largest town and capital of the Yucatan region. It is one that is filled with colours, outstanding architecture and has been nicknamed “The White City”, (La Ciudad Blanca). Though the nickname suggests something, the white base is more or less for long gone and has been replaced by colours of which amuses many travellers and visitors. So thick in history and culture, Mérida’s spotlight revolves around museums, art galleries, building architecture, local craft markets, cathedrals, live music and vibrant street dancing.

The cultural capital gives you a cultural experience.

merida-yucatan-mexico solo travel

Celestun- Home to Flamingos & Wildlife

Celestum is small fishing village north of Merida and home to hundreds of flamingos around it’s season. Whilst my tour here was during the off season, thus, less flamingos flocking around. Celestum promises to give a warm welcome—beach, fishing, sailing off to see flamingos and a chance to explore it’s nature reserve.

You can also look forward to taking a quick swim in one of it’s naturally formed pools.


Holbox Island- Island Life & Sweet Sunsets

While discovering Yucatan, you will come to realise that to the very north tip, off the coast of Chiquilá locates a trapped away island only 25-mins by boat/ferry away from the mainland. Many hop on, weather a boat or a ferry to have a swim with white whale sharks and to enjoy the ever changing colours of sunsets over the horizon.


Why Should You Include these spots in your visit?

It is quiet a big deal when you get to mark off one of the “Wonders of the World”  off the list. Many travellers rome the globe to visit the other 6. Thinking of visiting Yucatan? Try to make use of this opportunity. In fact, Chichen Itza is quite impressive.

For those who enjoy the cultural aspect of a country and willing to immerse yourself, Merida is the one. Since I had such a limited time in Mexico; a total of 16 days— I wanted to experience the different aspects that would fit within my timeframe. Some nature, some culture and some beaches. Merida is culturally fit, with a strong historical background and cute colonial town filled with colours.

What’s Mexico without a little island life?..and some flamingos?…and getting the chance to swim with whales? If this sounds like something you think you would enjoy then go to the Holbox Island.

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