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Best Places To Eat in Anchorage, Alaska

7 Best Eats In Downtown Anchorage, Alaska

Before arriving in Alaska, I had my heart set on trying out some of what was best known to the city and to the state.  From their well-known King crab legs to their locally brewed beer; they were on the top of my list with just a week try out as many things as I possibly could.

Here are the best eats to have in downtown Anchorage, Alaska.

Where to Eat in Anchorage Alaska

Glacier Brewhouse

With their own built-in brewhouse and a larger- style dining set-up, the Glacier Brewhouse happens to be one of my favourites on this list.

Known for their wild Alaskan seafood, woodfire pizzas and of course their house-brewed beer, I ended up making several visits here as I was already a fan from the very get-go.

Their high ceiling wooden structure, great energetic ambiance also help to set the mood.  Though, if you are looking for a quiet place to dine you might what to hold off on the brewhouse, especially during peak dining hours.

What to eat here? Be such to give their Alaskan King Crab Legs a try. I did this on my very last night in town and it is highly recommended.

To add, this goes without saying, having a glass or a few of their locally brewed beer seals the deal, afterall it’s a brewhouse!

glacier-brewhouse-anchoragevia Open Table

Snow City Cafe

For a state that is somewhat underpopulated for its size, I was stunned about how big and spacious everything was, including the restaurants. But come to think of it, they do have the space. Dining at Snow City also became a morning ritual. I have dined here so many times during my one-week to know that it gets pretty busy around bunch hours and after dining a few mornings here you could see why.

The food here is good! Complimentary coffee is being served during wait time and in addition, their decor is modern, trendy and comfy.

What to eat here? Be sure to grab of their traditional breakfast plates, try their crab cakes and their freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.


49th State  Brewing Co

If you’re looking to dine with a view, but sure to visit the 49th State Brewing Co Restaurant. Overlooking the bay in downtown Anchorage, during the sunset hour it was one of my highlights in the city.

What to eat here? You also have the option of going for the King Crab Legs. If you are keen on trying Canadian-style Poutine, be sure to try it here. Having a drink or two of their locally brewed beer is also a must-have! (:

best places to eat in anchorage alaska

Williwaw Social

If you looking to dine with a little entertainment, then this is your place. A list of events goes on here every day of the week, along with weekly food specials and a pretty solid menu, though not many vegan options are available.

What to eat here? I went for a simple burger option during my visit here which was pretty good.

williwaw-social-anchoragevia Williwaw

Pangea Restaurant And Lounge

Pangea is one of the city’s favourites. Located in the heart of Anchorage their aim to be a farm to table restaurant blending flavours from all over the world including the that of their own.

The food is tasty and the portions are big. You can easily go for the appetizer size instead of ordering a main course if your stomach is not entirely empty.

What to eat here? So.many.options! The scallops were my favourite. The Rib-Eye Steak is good as well.

what-to-eat-in-downtown-anchoragevia Krist Trimmer

F Street Station

The F Street Station is open for lunch and onwards. It is highly recommended if you’re looking to have a late morning bite or basically to have lunch. The vibe is great and the food is priced reasonably.

What to eat here? The seafood option is raved about here.  Go for the Halibut sandwich, the Calamari, the French Onion Soup.

Crow’s Nest

The Crow’s Nest is perched on the top of the hotel Captian Cook giving you the ultimate view while you dine. Specializing in fine dining, the setting of The Crow’s Nest is tranquil, romantic and ideal of late dinners.

The menu is a fusion between French and New American cuisine along with a cellar with bottles of wine to choose from.

What to eat here? Try the King Crab Fritters, The Oysters and King The Salmon.

Property-CrowsNest-Restaurant-DiningDetail-CreditHotelCaptainCookThe-Overlook-at-the-Crows-Nestvia Alaska.orgThe-Overlook-at-the-Crows-Nest

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