North Chile: Photo Gallery- Earth’s Driest Desert

“Be still my heart. I’m in love!”

If you are looking for absolute adventure, one that includes walking on the driest non-polar desert known to mankind,  soak up the many colours of the sunset,  admire the salty and serene view of the landscape then… North Chile might be a place you would want to add to that “list”. Take a glimpse through a few photos I put together of the North of Chile from on the ground and from a bird’s eye view.





In a previous post I made mention that this place up north has such a resemblance to Mars that NASA conducted a few equipment tests here. If you are always wondering what Mars might be like… Here is another reason to see North Chile (San Pedro de Atacama).





Bird’s eye view flying over the North of Chile and towards La Paz, Bolivia.




IMG_3128 (1)


Here are 4 things you cannot afford to miss while you are chilling in the driest place. Your place of stay will most likely be in San Pedro de Atacama as it is really the only small town that is situated in the area.

1. Do a tour of the moon valley. You won’t regret it! The tour is usually at sunset and costs approximately 5000 Chilean Pesos. The price however might vary depending on the season.

2. Rent a bike. You get to do this tour on on your own. But, if you would like grab a friend and bike around the desert and see the Lagunas that are a few pedals away.

3. La Vista. The sky comes out to play at nights. With a place this dry, away from the everyday hustle and bustle and the fact that you are in the middle of the desert, a night viewing of the stars is magnificent. You can book a tour to get the best views.

3. The Geyers Tour. I cannot help but to admit that this was probably by favourite while I was in San Pedro de Atacama. Whilst this require an early 4am start, the thought of being sleepy will bounce right off after you have arrived to an open field with over 80 active Geyers filled with hot boiling water spreeing out up to an average of 75 centimetres tall. The drive there too is something else.

N.B There are about a dozen agencies in the small town… You can walk around from door to door and choose one that is the best option for you.


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