10 Last Minute Christmas Gifts Ideas for Your Friends that Travel

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It’s officially the holiday weekend! It’s my favourite holiday season and for the last few weeks, I’ve been brainstorming gift ideas for my friends and family who are frequent globetrotters. I found this Poshmark mystery box review helpful. But, let’s just face it: Sometimes we are all little last minute with gift-shopping and I am sure most of you can relate to this.

The holiday season is upon us and with the actual Christmas Day being just 2 days away, I quickly compiled a list of travel gift ideas you can easily pick up this weekend. If you are a last-minute gift-shopper like myself, you’re in it for the win. Here are some simple but cool last minute Christmas Gifts for your friends and family that are frequent globetrotters.

1. Map

They say New York City is always a good idea. The same idea goes for maps; especially for those who love to travel. You cannot go wrong with maps. Travellers are fascinated my maps, whether it be for on-site travel or for house decor.

2. Passport Covers

Passport covers are cute. Help your traveller family and friends protect their passports by gifting them one of these. They are cute, simple and affordable.

3. Bag/Luggage Tags

On a few occasions, I have encountered a few baggage mishaps at the airport. You can easily gift your friends and family luggage bag tags for a more soothing travel experience. Bag/luggage tags do not only serve the purpose of just putting a name to a luggage; it physically sets aside your luggage from others. Luggages do look alike.

4. Sweaters (for sweater-weather destinations)

I love sweaters and even these custom sorority jackets that I saw from an online shop! Last year, I was heading to Iceland during the winter and was gifted a sweater as an early Christmas gift. I loved it! Though this was not necessarily a last-minute gift, I thought it would be a good item to add to this list as you could quickly pick it up at the store. If you are in the mood to gift something festive, you could think about gifting a holiday-themed sweater.

5. Travel Kit 

If you have a friend who likes to hop on planes for a long weekend or for a short getaway a travel kit would be perfect for him and her. A travel kit can consist of anything you’d like for it to be as long as it is travel-related. This is also your chance to get crafty.  The travel kit is almost like a gift basket but instead, in a form of a kit which is much easier to pack. For your friend/family that likes to jet-set off to for long holidays or short getaways— gift them a kit with travel size items. They most likely to  travel with only a carry-on.

You can think far and wide when it comes to a travel kit. You can be crafty and manually prepare one that best suits your friend/family.

Here are some items you can possibly include in your kit:

(Packed inside a compatible pouch):

Soduko Puzzle Book, Novel, Sleeping Mask, Toiletries, Playing Cards, A Waterproof Phone Case, Head Flashlight, Buff, Foldable Flip Flops, Funny Socks, Camera Memory Cards, Wet-Wipes, A World Traveller Journal

6. Travel Backpack

This is a great option is for your family/friends who are a fan of backpacking. You cannot go wrong with a travel backpack. I repeat. You cannot go wrong with a travel backpack. Backpackers appreciate a good backpack for their travels. Ever since my first set of travels in 2012, I have gone through a few. I strongly recommend the brands: Deuter, REI, Pagatonia.

Considering gifting a travel backpack: Do a little research on the sizes available and the style of package. I personally prefer the slim fits.

7. Rain Coat

I can’t express how handy this is, especially if a lot of Caribbean travels are involved. This just makes life easier. You can quickly pick up a raincoat in any travel-related store. Pagatonia has some nice options.

8. Solar Back Pack

Cost effective, go-green friendly and works for everyone, especially if they are usually in the outdoors.

9. Fit Bit

Let’s be honest! Who really doesn’t have a fit bit these days? Well, if your family or friend happens to fall into this category, do not think twice! Get them a fit bit. Trying to stay healthy and in shape whilst travelling is not the easiest thing to do. The fit bit helps keep track…  I personally own 3 and they were all gifts. You can pick this up at any sports store.

10. Gift Card for Apps

I use travel apps quite often. Language applications are probably one of the most frequently used apps on my phone.

Frequent travellers are always on the hunt for good navigation map apps, flight and hotel deal apps, language apps, photo and video editing apps.


If you have any other recommend0ations about other last-minute gifts. Comment below and help out someone else. Sharing is caring. 🙂

Also, for the first time in a long time, I will be celebrating Christmas here at home. I will also be picking up some last minute gift hampers darwin this weekend too.

Happy Holidays & Happy Travels

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