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For The Love of Portland: Portland Photo Dairy

Just a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to spend a huge trunk of time in one of my favourite places in Jamaica: Portland. Being that I am always on the go, anywhere where I get the chance to spend more than 2 weeks is considered a huge trunk.

For the love of Portland, I spent nearly a month on the eastern coastline taking in all its beauty. For all that I know and for all of my visits here, I am never left disappointed.

Portland has now before my go-to destination whenever I am home in Jamaica and looking to spend more than just a few days. These are the photos taken during my recent visit with captions to explain a little bit more in details.

A Photo Diary of Portland, Jamaica

Portland’s access to free beaches. This is a rarity for the island as most “stunning” beaches often require an entrance fee. This, however, is Winnifred Beach. Famously known for its relaxed vibe, authenticity and of, course, its turquoise ocean waters. 

In addition, you can also snorkel here. 

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The sunrises are jaw-dropping. This is the east coast! It’s the best seat in the house to take in the sunrises. No two are the same. Take my word for it, if you’re visiting this forested coast anytime soon (or anytime whenever) be sure to see a sunrise while you’re here. You won’t be sorry! 

I think looking at this photo you’re probably thinking.. creepy crawlies. But, I’m thinking dream house. In my mind, this is what my dream house looks like. Not to mention the location. A few meters off the main road, engulfed in nature with a 100% chance of ocean view. Yes, I’ll take it! 

“River boating”, “river kayaking”, “river canoeing”, “river rafting”… Whatever you might want to call it, it exists here and it is b-e-a-u-tiful! I admit. This is a little cheesy, clique but I had to say it, as it is really beautiful. The Iconic Blue Lagoon is one of Portland’s holy grail and I have spent quite a bit of time here to experience and take it all in—in all of its glory. 

During my first couple of day here, I went completely offline to partake in a Yoga and Meditation retreat with Go Natural Jamaica. This was my backyard while I was there. Bliss!

The minute I walked into my room, it screamed “romantic getaway” and though I was here alone, I can safely say I have found a favourite. It’s hidden, perched on the cliffside of the coast and quiet. Just the way I like it. 

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No Joke! But, this is seriously how clear the river waters are in Portland. See, I have a photo to prove it! (:

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I also couldn’t get tired of the sunrise here. Here is another shot of the beaut!

Portland was the gateway; sort of the introduction of tourism to Jamaica. It is safe to say Portland is the birthplace of tourism in Jamaica. For decades travellers of been visiting the eastern parish to take in its natural beauty. 

Ok, am I vintage-looking yet?

A blue lagoon at the Blue Lagoon. Upon my second hotel visit, this was my view. A bird’s eye view of the iconic Blue Lagoon.

During my time here, at the crack of dawn, I would be up to witness the first light. This was my backyard for the first few days as well. I made sure to head out for early morning swims. 

Just one more sunrise photo, I promise! 

The rivers are the best part! 

Portland is a forested coast which makes it green and lush!

By the bay, by the coastline!

There is nowhere else on the island like the east coast.

I am vintage-looking now… right? (:

Nestled on a hill, surrounded by nature. This was the view from the second hotel I checked into.

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Greenery and coconuts. Not only is Portland lush, it is also rich in natural fruit/food kinds. 

“Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.”

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I spent my last day in Portland catching the sunrise, as per usual. My time on the east coast is always so pleasing. I hope you all enjoyed the photos.

Until next time when I am back in one of my favourite places.

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