Mexico Series: The West (Guadalajara, Jalisco)

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Discovering the West of Mexico

I hope 2017 has been good to everyone so far… Just over a week ago I landed in Mexico to experience somewhere new and to share it with everyone here. With Mexico being first on the list for 2017, I have partnered with Loop Jamaica to bring a series of travel experiences for the next couple of weeks. Visiting the western part of Mexico has been high on my wish-list, especially since my most recent visit to Mexico when I explored the Yucatán Peninsula early last year.

I am always looking forward to exploring somewhere new, and the thought of visiting the western part of Mexico for the very first time filled me with excitement.

Mexico is vast, diverse and full of culture. It was a joy to arrive in the historical city of Guadalajara before moving onward to experience a few of the “Pueblos Magicos” in the region of “Mascota”.

The “Pueblos Magicos”  is a program led by Mexico’s secretariat of tourism to promote and recognise the significance of towns across the country. These towns promise to offer a magical experience due to their natural beauty, cultural authenticity and history. Architecturally, many of these towns appear to have been untouched for centuries which really adds to their charm.

* “Pueblos Magicos- Magical towns

Here’s a quick preview of flying into Mexico for the third time and what I’m been doing over the first couple of days.

Exploring Guadalajara (Historical City)

Guadalajara is a pretty big metropolitan city and the busiest in the west of the country and within the state of Jalisco.

The history is pretty thick here and if you want to see and learn more, exploring the historical centre and museums will give you a fascinating insight into the cultural riches of the region.

I spent a few hours walking around, taking in the architecture but most of all experiencing the city as a whole.


About 20-30 minutes south-east from the centre of Guadalajara lies the old colonial neighbourhood of Tlaquepaque.

A popular tourist spot outside of the busy city centre, Tlaquepaque is known for its hand-craft shops and it’s uniquely decorated restaurants, perfect to enjoy dinner after a day of exploring.

The park is also a fun place to be. Full of energy, local street food and entertainment. I experienced my first “Flyers of Papantla” — an ancient mesoamerican ritual performed in the isolated parts of Mexico.  The flyers climb a 30-metre high pole from which they launch themselves attached to rope and then spin and float graciously to the ground. You have to see this at least once in your life whilst visiing.


A quick half day tour to the north of Guadalajara was spent going around another historical area of the city.

The architecture is beautiful here.


Although a location that is recommended, I decided to skip that town until I am back in Guadalajara again. I will be doing a loop; no pun intended.

Next on the list: The Mascota Region (Talpa de Allende, Mascota and San Sebastián)

A Preview of Talpa de Allende

After the bustle of Guadalajara city centre it was so nice to enjoy the tranquillity of a peaceful, historical mountain town. This town is famous for “rollo de guayaba” (sweet guayaba roll) which is sold everywhere in the town. It’s also great for coffee, Rompope (eggnog liquor) and Raicilla (similar to Tequila but fermented from a different type of agave for a distinct flavour.

The Mexico series continue… 

  • Sofie
    February 1, 2017

    So lovely following along with your trips.

  • Max
    February 1, 2017

    I am planning on visiting Mexico in August. I’m looking forward to your posts.

  • Maria
    February 1, 2017

    What other locations will you be visiting in Mexico? I am from Merida.. 🙂

    • Shea Powell
      February 1, 2017

      Hi Maria,

      I visited Merida last year. I love it there. On this trip, I will be on the west mostly. 🙂

  • Vanessa
    February 1, 2017

    Keep the series coming Shea. I’m exciting to read about your experience in Mexico!

    • Shea Powell
      February 1, 2017

      Thank you so much for stopping by Vanessa 🙂

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