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The Secret of Portland: The Seacliff Hotel & Spa

I must say, I have been really trying to commit to a long time hobby of mine. That is, to really dig deep, go in depth and find those hidden treasures whenever I travel.

When I think about Portland, Jamaica,  I personally think it has so much to offer, more than what we already know and more to what we’ve already experienced. It is such a vast parish and also one that happens to be my favourite to explore.

I just ventured out to Portland, in which my first couple of days was to enjoy the calmness and mindfulness of a yoga retreat. I then carried on with my trip by checking into a hideaway spot on the bay.

Quaint, rustic and a true gem to itself — I checked into the Seacliff Hotel & Spa and it did not disappoint.

The Location 

For this entire read, I’ll try my best not to beat around the bush, as I am so excited to share the deets about this little gem with you all.

The Seacliff Hotel & Spa, located in the parish of Portland happens to be one of my newest find. Breathtaking views and a hidden beauty —here are the details.

Coming in from the Montego Bay airport, the Seacliff Hotel is approximately a 3.5-4hrs drive from the second city and about 2.5hrs from the Kingston Airport.

If you happen to be coming in from Montego Bay, once you get to Port Antonio (the capital city),  Seacliff is an easy 40-minute scenic drive heading East. Given that its main characteristic is a “secret gem”, you can only bet that the hotel is physically located on the outskirts of Long Bay, perched on the cliff sides of the bay and away from it all.

Once you have arrived, you’ll realize you’re in for a treat. It’s featured hideaway location and views will give you all the feels.

The Secret of Portland

Earlier on, I mentioned how important it is for me to dig deep and find the secret gems whenever I travel — well the secret about this resort is that it will feed you endless views.

Jamaica’s coastlines are breathtaking, but to be fair there is just something about the east coast— the views here are never-ending, powerful and literally sets the mood of an “ideal getaway”.

Though, the real kicker is, the ocean is your first view when you wake up in the mornings. Also, if you’re wondering, yes you can hear the ocean waves from your room. There is nothing quite like going to sleep to the sound of the waves from the ocean— all this white noise is soothing.

The Rooms- Seacliff Hotel & Spa

Seacliff offers different ranges of accommodation— Standard, Superior, Master & Grande Suite. Whilst the Grand Suite has the best views of the four ranges, each room still manages to give you amazing views as they are all facing towards the ocean.

I checked into one of the Superior rooms for a couple of days and everything was uniquely decorated.

So rustic, so quaint — from bamboo bed frames to the natural rock shower foundation to the handmade paint fixtures. Most of the furniture/decoration is also is salvaged driftwood. Can this get or feel anymore Caribbean? I don’t think so!

Each room is also air-conditioned, comes with a ceiling fan, hot water and carries the everyday bathroom amenities.

Also to add to the perk, room-service is available upon request. With a balcony that overlooks the ocean, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

The Food- Cliff Hanger Restaurant & Bar

The Seacliff Resort is accompanied by the Cliff Hanger Restaurant which provides breakfast, lunch & dinner.

The menu is comprised of the usual dining options— Chicken, Fish for example. Though, my first evening here, I was able to request a Vegan dish in which they were more than happy to prepare — a coconut curry vegetable dish.

Though, all dining options are not included in the price per room, breakfast is. You can expect coffee, tea, a natural drink and a hot typical Jamaican breakfast each morning.

When it comes on to the prices to dine, you can expect your bill to reflect that of a boutique hotel with an added service charge fee. Also, if you happen to run low on cash, no worries, credit cards are accepted here in both USD’s and the local currency.

In terms of other dining options, if you’d like to switch things up a little, be sure to give the Boston Jerk Centre a try. It is highly recommended for meat-lovers.

New Projections

Seacliff is expanding!  By this mid-September, a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom family suite featuring an indoor jacuzzi will be up and running. The suite happens to sit a little closer to the edge, partially hovering over the water, thus, giving you an overwater bungalow feel.

During the low season, you can expect prices to be between $600- $1000 (USD) per night.  During the high season, prices will go from $1000 (USD) per night. This will be a luxury all-inclusive treat.

If you are looking for a unique getaway— something that is quiet, relaxing and not overly popular, then I highly recommend you add this to your list.

Seacliff has this sort of hidden-getaway feel. It’s perched on the side of a cliff of the east coast and puts you in a space where you can truly enjoy the nature that surrounds.

Things To Do & Nearby Activities:

Go Natural Jamaica: If you fancy a few days of Yoga, vegan food and a totally relaxed environment, then Go Natural Jamaica is just a 10-minute drive heading towards Port Antonio. I just did a Yoga & Meditation retreat here and I am already thinking about retreat number 2.

Boston Bay Beach & Jerk Center: a little fun in the sun and everything Jerked— a quick 15-20 minutes drive and you’re there. This is heading towards the direction of Port Antonio once again.

The Blue Lagoon & Monkey Island: Getting here is easy as most of the major attractions are alongside one main road. From Seacliff to the Blue Lagoon, this is approximately a 25-30 minute drive. (Heading into the direction of Port Antonio). Also, visiting the Blue Lagoon is highly recommended. I’ve never seen water so pristine and picturesque.

Frenchman’s Cove Beach: This happens to be one of my favourite beaches across the island. Though, it comes with an entrance fee of $10 (USD) per person.

Winnifred Beach: I visited this beach for the first time just a few days ago and I am seriously in love. It’s stunning and doesn’t attract a fee as compared to most well-kept beaches in Jamaica.

Heading towards the direction of Morant Bay: 

Reach Falls: This is a mere 30-minute drive from Seacliff. If you are visiting Portland, I highly recommend you add this to your list of things to do.


Booking information: Seacliff Hotel & Spa

Price per room: $165 & Up (prices vary by season)

Location: Ross Craig, Long Bay, Portland, Jamaica


PLEASE NOTE BRIEFLY:  Litter and debris left on a beach has a serious impact on the environment. Take care of the beaches and be mindful of the environment and the marine life.

Happy Travels!

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  • Monica
    December 1, 2019

    I have been there in October of this year with my daughter and friends for her birthday weekend……I love it ,we enjoyed our stay there .I was hoping to go back in December but I had some challenges ,but hopefully next year ……It ‘s a beautiful place to be. Friendly staffs,good food ,the sound of the ocean ,the scenery.just Awesome! Am will be going back for sure.

  • Jhunelle J ♦
    September 4, 2018

    I hope to stay here by year’s end! Visited the restaurant earlier on and fell in love before I even ate… the view, the friendly staff, the venue, and the food made me say “I have to come back and stay a night”. Glad that it seems to live up to the expectations I have 🙂 Sweet sweet Portland.

  • Melissa Morgan
    August 28, 2018

    I have never heard of it. Thanks for this, I will be checking it out when I visit Portland in October. Also, beautiful photos as usual, Shea! (:

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