10 Fun Ways To Keep Memories Of Your Trip

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Everywhere has a different feeling, a different vibe, a different kind of stroll and I want to make this feeling last! Enchanted by it’s uniqueness, it’s charm, it’s beauty. Here are 10 things you can do to keep memories of your trip.


1. Everybody does this but a quick reminder will not hurt. Grab your camera, take an extra battery, an extra SD card with you and make memories of your trip through your lens. A good collection of photos indeed does help with nostalgia. Carry out with the moments that you captured with your iPhone & change your Wallet Phone Cases accordingly to the type of your trips.

Save Currencies

2.  This is absolutely one of my favourites. I like to add a brand new or new enough paper note to my growing collection. It is surprisingly fascinating how colourful and creative paper notes are and for me to see what the country stands for as it is away depicted on the notes themselves.  However, some countries are against the idea of foreigners leaving the  country with their local currencies, so with that being the case I usually gather a bunch of notes and coins and take a group photo of them all. You can do it either way!

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Make Your Own

3. This is so creative and fun! Try using your photos to make your own postcards. You can use quick computer programs and applications to make a postcard and send it  to your friends and family on the other side of the world with your own photo being the highlight. Picture it, make it and print it, whether it be glossy or matte paper and send it! Your friends and family  will be excited and you will feel even better about your own creation.

Picture it on a large scale

4. Yes, I know… We all love taking ‘selfies’ but forget about them for just a minute. Invest a little but more time and a little bit more creativity in making this one big. Take a super cool shoot of your favourite city or a family photo with a signature location being in the background. To get everyone to be in the family photo you can kindly ask the person standing next to you or use a tripod. You will feel good about this framed photo hanging amongst the others down your hallway…. even years after.

  • Try to use a camera that will produce a high enough quality. This is also a chance for you to put your photography skills to work 🙂


Note it!

5. If you love to wirte then this one is for you. Blog about it, write about it. Whether it be a little place on the internet (like I do) or in a personal diary. It’s a fun way to remember your trip. You can read that blog post or that diary entry years after. Do not forget to share it with your friends.

Scrap it!

6. I have realised that many people like to keep ticket studs from their adventures. So, here’s the thing, let’s scrap it! You remember that one time you went to Machu Picchu in Peru, or to the Christ Redeemer statue in Rio, Brazil? Save your ticket stubs, cut and  paste them into a book which will now be your scrapbook of adventures. Museum tickets, ski tickets, little city maps, plane tickets and tickets from parks! Make this a collection. Maybe one day after putting them all together you can publish it…Who knows?  I see endless roads of ideas like these and you can always look back to see all the places you have been and all the great things you did. Memories!

Tip: Work neatly!


7. This is very common amongst travelers. Try to take home something pretty exciting and cool that the destination is known for. Maybe a Llama key ring from Peru, or a fridge magnet of Duns River falls in Jamaica.


Throw a theme party

8. Ever thinking about what theme to use for your next birthday party or for your house warming party? How about bringing back a little bit of your trip from Morocco last year or a Cuban themed party? It’s fun and exciting to plan! You can also throw a surprise party for your friend using the theme of his/her favourite place that he/she visited 2 years ago.

Get a world map!

9. I recently purchased one for myself and I am looking forward to ‘Pin It’. So, get a world map and hang it wherever you would like and pin your locations. You can use small colourful thumb tacks to pin all the cities you have been. Your goal is to pin as much places as you can. Happy travelling and happy pinning!

Live in the moment

10. Sometimes we often forget to slow down and take a breather. Well, here is an ultimate way you can make this moment last. Put away the DSLR’s, the Iphone’s, the GoPro’s. Take that earplug from your ears, free your mind, and open your eyes. Take it all in. Listen to your surrounding and hear the kids playing in the streets. Sit. Observe; pay attention to the locals. Watch the sunset over the coast; enjoy some alone time. This is the reason you are on vacation right? Make this one memory last and Live in The Moment.


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    May 30, 2016

    Mi jus love your vibes live it

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    November 10, 2015

    We love what you do! Something I’m hoping to provide for our team. But, for now, thanks for letting us see the world up closer through your eyes.

    • Shea Powell
      November 10, 2015

      Thank for so much for stopping by.. 🙂

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