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Eating My Way Around Mexico: 6 Essential Flavours to Try!

The Mexico series continue and I’m sharing this travel experience as a part of my partnership with Loop Jamaica.

This time, it’s all about food and flavours.

I will be honest with you, I am never really a food critique or a blogger to comment much on food from places I have visited.

With an exception for Mexico; after spending the last couple of weeks touring the country, I have to admit that this country has some pretty interesting and tasty flavours.

So much so, I have decided to share 6 Mexican flavours you cannot afford to miss on your next visit here.


This is my third time exploring Mexico. A few days ago, I was served a fruit bowl with sprinkled bits of red all over. I couldn’t figure out what it was without asking. It was a mixture between sweet, salty and of course spicy. The secret to a lot of dishes here in Mexico: Tajín, which can be used in almost anything— from fruit dishes to savoury meals to snacks.

Now, it’s very rare I eat mangoes in Mexico without tajín.

It’s quite an interesting mix and flavour.  Planning on visiting soon, try Tajín on your pineapple, celery or in your sauce.

2. Tamales

As a traveller from the Caribbean travelling in Mexico, the first thought that came to mind when I saw this locally made dish was, “Blue Draws”, a locally made dish in Jamaica cooked in a very similar style.

Tamales is a corn flour dish, wrapped in corn leaves and boiled under low heat. It is soft on the inside and can be accompanied with different kinds of meat.

With such an interesting flavour it took me several tries to really get into it and to acknowledge the unique taste.  Now, I try to give the different fillings a go. Though it can be found all over Central America,  I recommend adding it to your “list of things to eat” when visiting Mexico.

3. Tejuino

credit: Arturogil via Getty images 

This is probably one of my favourite-recently- discovered Mexican food kind. Tejuino: A locally made drink typically found in the state of Jalisco. It’s made from fermented corn, lime juice and is usually severed with a little crushed ice on top. It is rich in flavour and low in alcohol so you do find kids indulging on one of my favourite Mexican beverages.

The good thing about Tejuino is that, they are usually sold alongside the streets…. making it quick and easy to get to. More Tequino please! 🙂

 4. Birria

Birria, is sort of like a stew. Usually done with either pork or beef as the main ingredient and cooked in a tomato-based sauce. It is served with a side of vegetables and Tortillas.

I have to make mention that my very first experience with Birria was an interesting one. Now, I can’t get enough. The image above is my home-made attempt at making it.

5. Chilaquiles

Credit: jessyratfink via

My first attempt at trying Chilaquiles was a homemade one. It is made up of a large serving of tortillas and topped with a heavy mild spicy green sauce and then with tomato-based mixtures and herbs.  You can find this dish almost anywhere in Mexico. Please give it a go on your next visit.

 6. Mole

Once again, another homemade typical Mexican dish for my first try, but this time it’s all about the sauce. The Mole sauce can be made with up to 20 different ingredients. From chile peppers to nuts to cuts of ripe plantains. It is usually served over a protein accompanied with a carb. It is rich in flavour and taste.


How I feel every time eating a Mexican Taco. There are various kinds of tacos in Mexico. Try to get them all a chance when you visit.

  • Danielle
    March 1, 2017

    Yummy! Keep up the good work!!

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