Holbox Island- Home to Warm sunsets & Flamingos

If  you have never heard of it, then here is a brief intro to the Island of sunsets— Holbox Island, Mexico.

Overview of Holbox Island

Holbox Island, is a small 42 kilometers (26 miles) piece of land located 120kms (74miles) off the coast of Chiquilá, Mexico.  It is in the north of the Yucatan Peninsula— home to many flamingos, colourful sunsets, and where many travellers set foot to enjoy the tropical vibes.

Whilst a quick but costly plane ride can get you there in 20 minutes from Cancun, a more cost-effective option can get you there in just a little over 3 hours. This will include a bus ride (3 hours) and a ferry of 20 minutes.

Many travellers are stunned by the beauty of the little island. One of the highlights that travellers and visitors look forward to here, is to experience what it is like to swim with the White Whale Sharks and to capture the moment whilst doing it.

If you are thinking on visiting the Holbox Island soon, here is a quick guide on what not to miss.



1. Watch the sunset.

I chase sunsets for a living, literally speaking. It has been a long time since I have seen sunsets like these.  In fact, the whole “town” comes out watch the sun goes down at dust.

If you are here for 3 nights, try to spend 2 watching the sun sets. If you are here for 4 nights, try to spend 3 watching the sun sets. It chances ever time and it’s nothing short of  pure bliss. Furthermore, the view will only be a couple of steps from your door.

IMG_1726 (2)

2. You know you are here for the ‘White Whale Sharks’ so swim with them. 

I met up with a few friends here who were primarily visiting the island to swim with the sharks. Whilst this was one of the activities I did not get to do, my friends told me how amazing experience was. They showed me videos, photos which made me little just a bit jealous wishing I had gotten the chance to do so. My advice, if you are here, try to do it. Its a $80.00 half day tour. Add it to the list!

3. Think Pink and try to go see the Flamingos

The flamingos are a little bit out of town and will require you to hop on a golf cart if you are not up for a 90- minute walk. I decided to do this by taking a golf cart and then doing a bit of walking. Let’s just say it was quite exciting seeing the flamingos flocking around in their natural habitat.



4. Try the seafood here

Anytime you are near the coast always try to fuel-up on seafood. Most locals here on the island do fishing for a living. It is probably the number once source of income right after the island’s main attractions. During my time here, I have had a few evenings of seafood.  It was tasty, quite big in portion and most important, fresh off the coast. Generally speaking, most restaurants tend to somewhat have similar menus: Fish, Lobster, Shrimp, Mariscos.

5. Don’t forget to spend some time enjoying the beach

With temperatures hitting 35°C (95° F) what better way to cool down than going for a swim here. The water is pretty clear, a little warm but still refreshing. Take a book with you. You might be lucky enough to get one of these beach hammocks right over the waters.



P.S. Don’t forget to stock on mosquito repellant and sunscreen. The mosquitoes come out in larger number and nights and the day time temperatures are pretty harsh.


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    July 23, 2018

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    countries and there visa. I thank God for you and
    your information. I am putting plans in place to travel
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    you have given me. Can I work there? Have blessed day.

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