5 Travel Gadgets I Can’t Live Without

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I will be honest with you, it took me a while to learn the tricks of a good traveller.

“Here are 5 travel gadgets I can’t live without.”

Spending most of my days on the road, it was at first a little challenging figuring out what works best. Whether it had to do with photography, listening to my favourite playlist or how to stay connected. These were questions I asked all the time.

I take my travel gadgets anywhere and everywhere. During my trip to Belize to explore the Blue Hole, the Mayan Ruins in Mexico and the deep green nature of Jamaica… Here are 5 travel gadgets I can’t live without.



1.Skyroam- “Wifi Anywhere, Even Here”

Let’s be honest. We all know how much we can’t do without wi-fi connection even when we are “vacationing”. So let’s face it, a little wi-fi a day is almost a must.

As a frequent traveller and constantly being on the road; from country to country, this is how I stay connected. This global WiFi data service makes it so easy to Skype, Face-time, read my  favourite news outlet and stay up-to-date with the different social channels. In fact, this is how I get to write and publish my blog posts.

Here’s how Skyroam really works: global coverage, unlimited data and connects up to 5 devices. With availability in 101 countries worldwide you can stay connected whilst traveling throughout any one of these countries. This simple hand- held device has a usage rate of $9.99 per day.

Skyroam aslo makes it easy for you to personally get your hands on the device.

You can rent the device + service for your next trip, with only a $9.99 price tag.

**P.S I so excited to travel with my skyroam to the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Wi-fi anywhere! You just can’t beat that.



2. RavPower Portable Charger/Power Pack

I can’t express how handy this little gadget has been throughout my trips so far. Nothing like having stored electricity for my phone so I can stay connected.

On numerous occasions, I’ve been to places where electricity is limited, and with long haul trips this gadget has proven itself repeatedly. With a USB input, connecting different gadgets is really simple and easy. However, the most attractive part about it, is that, it is only $9.99. It makes a perfect travel gadget if you are constantly on the road and it is cost effective. You can get your RavPower charger pack right here.


3.Beats by Dre Headset 

Who doesn’t like a good road trip, a train ride or a flight without some good sounding music? This high-tech headset comes with some of my favourite features.Here’s the list:

  • Forget about the cords and having to connect the headset physically to a device, it’s tangled free and bluetooth equipped.
  • This wireless bluetooth device delivers the music in its purest form— a very clean sound and the kick is, it also produces the bass line. Your ears will be happy!
  • It’s limbs are bendable and it comes in a suitable package; making it easy to a take anywhere with you on your travels.

This Beats by Dre headset comes in at $299.95 per set. If you are looking for a durable gadget that produces good sounding music and one that’s easy to travel with, then go for it!



4. MeFoto Lightweight Travel Tripod

If you all are wondering how I take photos being a solo traveller, here’s the answer. I travel with a lightweight tripod from MeFoto. This travel gadget is new to my collection, but has already proven itself on my trip to Belize, Mexico and now Jamaica.  Being a solo traveller, a tripod makes a good travel partner. It weighs only 2.6 lbs, comes in an attractive carry case,  has color options and  has a price tag of only $149. Personally, taking selfie-photos with a DSLR camera has never been so easy.

**P.S I use a small remote control as well.  



5. Canon EF 50″mm F/1.8 STM Lens

For all my Cannon lovers. It is never really ‘just’ about the camera, but more about the lens.

Here’s one of my favourite lens I use whilst traveling. It is lightweight, small and fits easily into my camera bag. This 50mm stem lens is good for portraits and for making awesome travel videos with good lighting. Also, whenever you are trying to take that perfect shot with the focus being on just a single object this 50mm does the trick.

However, I added this lens to my collection primarily for shooting travel videos.

With that being said, for all the YouTubers, it is never really ‘just’ about the camera, but more about the lens.

**The lens hood was purchased separately.



Having these gadgets on the road has just made travelling more efficient. Wi-Fi anywhere, a rechargeable battery pack, a good camera lens, a lightweight tripod and a cool headset has made my travel life easier.

These are 5 travel gadgets I just can’t live without.

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