Day trips from Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is a postcard in itself.  Lying on the Southwest peak of Switzerland, the French-speaking city attracts visitors all-year round with its exquisite views of Mont Blanc, it’s old-town city charm and endless views of Lake of Geneva. From its charming summer city-walks to its overpowering views of Mont Blanc — there is something there for everyone.

Overview of Geneva

My love for nature-filled surroundings and the country has taken off a few years ago; Geneva is the perfect fit for that.  Whether you enjoy a little bit boating, hiking, biking, wine tasting or are looking for the ultimate Switzerland ski vacation. Geneva offers easy access to day trips to the nearby towns of  Chamonix, Montreux and Lausanne. 

Day Trips from Geneva 

1. Chamonix

Chamonix happens to be a quaint little village in France at the base of Mont Blanc mountain range. It is a renowned ski- resort town which accommodates visitors year-round to its peaks for panoramic views and to ride its famous slopes.

Top Things to Do in Chamonix

Ski – Ski vacation and trips are a big deal for the French city during the winters. A trip to Chamonix (Mont Blanc)is usually a must-do for many travellers. Chamonix is just over 1hour and 15mins from Geneva.  An easy, quick and affordable way to Mont Blanc is via the Geneva to Chamonix transfers via Alpy Bus

AlpyBus offers shared and private shuttle services from Geneva to Chamonix. Transfer to surrounding resorts: Sallanches, Le Fayet, Servoz, Les Bossons, Les Houches, Les Praz is also available.

Image via Akash Jain

Montenvers – Mer de Glace train- If you are a fan of glacier caves then this is a must-see while exploring Chamonix.

A small cable takes you to the mountain where you’re able to descend onto the glacier. A 400+ steps take you inside the glacier cave, which is not very big nor deep.

There are Ice sculptures on the inside as well.

Image via Chamonix

2. Montreux 

Montreux is a traditional resort town on Lake Geneva. Whilst, very popular for its steep hills, snow-capped mountains in the backdrop and lakeside view nature walks— the summer time Montreux Jazz Festival is what makes the town really iconic. The June/July festival draws people together and creating a contrast; soothing, calm city walks and musically filled during the summers.

The Montreux Jazz Festival, which takes place in June/July and features concerts on a variety of stages and parks is very famous.

Top Things to Do in Montreux

Lakeside Promenade Fleuri  –  Nature walks are everything! This is the promenade that goes around the Geneva lake, in Montreux. This features lots of nice places to sit and admire the breathtaking views —the mountains and the lake in the background, all the colorful flowers along the walk is truly something you will never forget. If it easy to stop,  grab a bite maybe an ice cream, run or do some other sports. If relaxing and people-watching is your thing (as it is for me), then is a  must do in Montreux!

Golden Pass Line  – Views from Switzerland from a train.

Fantastic view of Lake Geneva and surrounding vineyards on your way to magical Gruyeres!

Image via Alpha Coders

3. Lausanne

Lausanne sits on Lake Geneva in the French-speaking region of Vaud.  Home to the International Olympic Committee as well as the Olympic Museum and lakeshore Olympic Park, the lakeside city is known for it’s medieval, shop-lined streets and it’s 12th-century Gothic cathedral facade.

Top Things to Do in Lausanne

Collection de l’Art Brut- (Art Museum)  – This has been suggested as the number 1 thing to do whilst visiting Lausanne. This was established to showcase “ART” by those artists who are generally considered challenged in many forms, the art is here is said to be “stupendous”. It is a must-see when visiting Lausanne.

La Suisse Steam paddle boat –  If you like to explore the by boat, here’s your chance. This happens to be a first-class open-air cruise.
There are several steam paddle boats to choose from. It is also best suggested to do a  full tour of the lake and then enjoy a lunch on board.

Image Via Lausanne Tourisme


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