Sleeping On A HouseBoat: Kerala Backwaters, South India

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For a whole of 17 days, I spent life roaming around Kerala, India. Taking in all the must-see things, the must-do things, eating like a local and all-in-all having the experience of a lifetime.

Having just visited the country for the very first time, you would realized that cruising on the sleepy backwaters of the south on one of the houseboats is highly recommended.

An ultimate highlight during my trip to south India, I checked into one of the houseboats, to truly see and experience what it is like cruising along.

For the first time, I slept and cruised along the sleepy backwaters with Spice Routes Luxury Cruises in Aleppeyy, Kerala— here are the details.

houseboat-alleppey-india houseboat-alleppey-india

Overview of Aleppeyy, Kerala, India

With just about a 2.5hrs drive heading north, getting to Aleppeyy from the Cochin Airport is easily accessible by either car, train or by bus.

Formerly known as Alappuzha, many travellers frequent this part of the southern state to experience the treasures and gems of of the Kerala Backwaters.

Made up with a chain of lagoons, lakes and canals it is one of the many highlights in the south.

Located in the south state of Kerala, Alappuzha is home to the traditional made houseboats and to the easy cruising of the backwaters.


Houseboat Check In: Spice Routes Luxury Cruises  

Houseboats are apart of Kerala’s rich history and culture. For many years, these Kerala houseboats were once used to transport produce from one area to the next. Now, since speed and technology has revamped, it has somewhat wiped out the need to transport produce in this manner.

These days, many houseboats have now been remodeled and maintained to help boost tourism to the area. Checking in and spending sometime on one of them gives you the opportunity to explore the lagoons and canals. It is truly relaxing and surreal.

During our overnight houseboat backwater cruise with Kerala Tourism we checked into Spice Routes Luxury Cruises. It was indeed a treat.


Sleeping On A Houseboat In Alappuzha, India 

The houseboats are spacious enough for a group of up to 9 guests and are equipped with all you need.

Up to 3 bedrooms, corresponding with 3 baths, a living, a deck and a kitchen which comes with a private Butler. Futhermore, the houseboats are also air-conditioned with hot running water.

Here’s a personal recommendation: be sure to be up early enough witness the sunrise. It is soothing and tranquil to see the steam fog off the waters and then the rising of the sun.


Practical Information 

The South of India is dreadfully hot during the months of summer (March- May). If you plan on booking a houseboat during this season, I recommend getting one that is air-conditioned.

Getting to Alappuzha is relatively easy. From there Cochin airport, if it is time sensitive and you’re looking for comfort you can book an airport taxi. Prices vary from 2200 rupees and up.


Booking A Kerala HouseBoat with Spice Route Luxury Cruises

Location: Alappuzha, Kerala, India

Price range: 22,000 Rupees and Up

To Book: Spice Routes Luxury Cruises

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