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I recently just added two new accessories to my travel essentials from 1byone 


Always on the go, these 2 new travel essentials are effective, so easy to pack and just makes the world of travel way easier.

Here are my 2 added travel accessories.

1.  1byone Ultra Slim Battery Charger

This definitely makes my world of travel more convenient and smooth running.

This slim external battery charger is a live-safer being that I am constantly on the road. I use my travel gadgets very hard, often, and most access to a socket is not always possible. Well, this travel accessory is to recharge my iPhone two and a half times before it goes empty. Giving me the opportunity to work from my travel gadgets whether on a train ride, flight on a long road trip without having to think about the percentage of my battery.


What I really enjoy about take my 1byone power back around is it comes with 2 outputs, giving you the opportunity to use the higher charging port if you’d like, but most of all you are able to charge two things at a time.


It also has a displace screen showing the percentage of the remaining battery. Its lightweight and slick. It is amount the size of my iPhone.  The ultimate game changer, is that its gets the job done, comes with two out ports and it is stylist. It’s like you can’t lose.



2.  Lighting Iphone Cable Charger 

I can’t even begin to count how many iPhone chargers I have broken in the past.


Constantly being on the road and always having to pack, avoiding bending my charger cables were almost impossible.  With a few bends here and there, my chargers were always short-lived, thus I always have to buy a new one every few months.


This 1byone charger cable so far has solved that problem for me. With a more durable cable cord, wrapping it up and throwing it in my handbag for easy access has never been so rewarding. I can now stop worrying about if my charger will work after seeing a small tear as this one is firmly made.


Furthermore, this charger is sleek, charges my iPhone at a timely speed and it’s inexpensive. Only $10.99. It is a great travel essential by 1byone.





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