20 Best Visa-Free Countries To Visit On A Jamaican Passport in 2020

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It is that time of the year again—where to travel to and how to get there on your Jamaican passport.

The Jamaican passport is getting better and better each year and if there is every a time I feel inspired to share— the time is now.

Just like the last 3 years, here am I with the 10 Best visa-free… welp, let’s scratch that! Here am I with the 20 best visa-free countries to visit on your Jamaican Passport in 2020.


1. Peru

I couldn’t help but to start off with one of my anticipated countries for this article. When I first constructed the “Best Visa-Free Countries to Visit” list back in 2016, I included Peru. However, here we are again.

Though we are still allotted with 180 days (6-months) each year to roam around the South American country visa free… Here’s the difference: Jamaicans can now fly directly to Peru.  Panama was once the ultimate gateway to Latin America, now let’s add Peru. We have options. Jamaicans with just a passport can fly directly from the Montego Bay Airport to Lima, Peru. No visa required. No stop-overs. No connecting flights. It’s a win.

It also gives you access to the rest of South America: Brazil, Argentina, Chile. The list goes on.. Here’s what to do if you are interested in visiting Peru in 2020.

Booking Details from Jamaica to Peru

Book with LATAM Airlines. Avoid using search engines such as (Kayak, Expedia) and book directly from the airline’s website. Be sure to book a return flight. Most airlines will not allow you to board without a return ticket on hand.

Flight 1: Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ) to Lima, Peru (LIM)

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All these new visa- related changes and I am here for all of it. Namibia up next! Namibia is finally  free visa-free for Jamaicans! Earlier this year (2019) we added the South Western African country to the list of places Jamaicans can travel with just a passport.

Namibia, with a population similar to that of Jamaica’s is one of the driest saharan countries in the world and is predominately known for it vast deserts, culture and wildlife including cheetahs.

Here’s an interesting fact: Namibia was once a German colony and only gained their independence in 1990. That’s just a mere 30 years ago. It is a pretty young independent country. From a personal perspective, Namibia is a bucket-list item and one that I can see my myself doing over and over again.

If you are thinking of visiting Namibia in the near future here’s how to do it to avoid visa-trapped countries.

The African continent is a long way down and I want to think that no one really travels to Africa from the caribbean to visit only 1 country. The way to do Namibia is to tie it in with one or two more countries. I recommend South Africa and Botswana as they are neighbouring countries and also visa- free.

Booking Details from Jamaica to Namibia

Flight 1: Montego Bay (MBJ) to Lima, Peru (LIM)

Flight 2: Lima, Peru (LIM)  to Cape Town, South Africa (CPT) via Sao Paul, Brazil (GRU)

Just like that and you on on the Motherland, visa-free and all. Once you get into South Africa a quick 2-hr flight and you are in Namibia which on average cost about $100-$150 (one-way). You can either book with Air Namibia or South African Airlines for this leg of the trip.

I recommend flying from Cape Town up to Namibia and working your way through. Head over into Botswana and then back to South Africa to explore and to fly home. For less of a travel hassle, renting a 4×4 in Namibia is highly recommended.


3. Kenya 

I have mentioned Kenya a few times before and will continue to do for a while as I believe we ought to explore Africa a little more. It has so much to offer and I believe for years it has been undermined.

To put this into perspective, my sister visited Nairobi just a few weeks ago and fell in absolute love with the country. She will be returning in February 2020 on her Jamaican passport.

For the last few years, Kenya has been rated as one of the top countries to visit for an ultimate safari experience. Not only is the visa- free access convenient but it also gives us the opportunity to do a multiple safaris and the option visit different parts of the country. Jamaicans are allotted with 90 days to travel freely around the country

Booking Details from Jamaica to Kenya 

There are a few ways to do this. Here are options 1 & 2.

Option 1:

Flight 1: Montego Bay (MBJ) or Kingston(KIN) to Panama City (PTY)

Flight 2: Panama City (PTY) to Amsterdamn (AMS)

Flight 3: Amsterdamn (AMS) to Kenya (NBO)

Option 2:

Flight 1: Montego Bay (MBJ) or Kingston(KIN) to Panama City (PTY)

Flight 2: Panama City (PTY) to Sao Pablo (GRU)

Flight 3: Sao Pablo (GRU) to Nairobi, Kenya (NBO)


4. Ghana 

Time after time, we have hoped for more visa-free African country. Well, we’ve been given not just one but a few in 2019. Welcome Ghana to our newest addition of visa-free countries for Jamaicans to visit in 2020. Hailing from the Motherland continent, here’s how to transit your way to Ghana from Jamaica visa-free.

As of 2019, Jamaicans can now travel to Ghana without a visa for a stay of up to 90-days per year!

Flight 1: Montego Bay (MBJ) or Kingston(KIN) to Panama City (PTY)

Flight 2: Panama City (PTY) to Amsterdam (AMS)

Flight 3: Amsterdam (AMS) to Accra, Ghana (ACC)

*Please note that a transit visa is not required for Amsterdam if your layover time is less than 12hrs.

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5. Uzbekistan

It has only been a few months since Uzbekistan became visa-free for Jamaicans.

When I made mention that Jamaicans are now able to visit visa-free a few readers had given the feedback that travelling all the way from Jamaica to Uzbekistan is likely impossible. It will seem impossible if you are thinking to just to visit Uzbekistan and that’s it. We have been asking for visa-free countries and this is just another stunning country to add to the list.

Here’s how to do it! Uzbekistan is located in Central Asia and is known for its mosques and landmarks. Jamaicans are everywhere, so if you are already in the vicinity say for example visiting India, Nepal, Pakistan you can hop over to Uzbekistan for a few days to see what it is really like there.

Since Uzbekistan is a new addition to the list of visa-free countries along and is quite accessible from neighbouring countries, it has made the list of the the top 20 countries for 2020.

To add, a visa for India, Nepal, Pakistan can be easily obtained via online (eVisa).


6.South Korea

I visited South Korea for the first time a few months ago and I already cannot wait to return. Jamaicans can visit South Korea for total of up to 90 days (3 months) on each visit.

The immigration process is quiet easy and when coming through immigration you will be given a ‘entry paper’ instead of a stamp in your passport. The entry paper has your arrival date, passport details and how long you are allotted in the country.

To add a gem to this, if you are visiting Japan I recommend hopping over to South Korea as well. They are neighbouring countries and the flights are affordable. You can fly over to South Korea  from Japan for an average of $70 (one way). When I did this route earlier this year my airfare from Japan to South Korea was $80.

Booking Details from Jamaica to South Korea 

Flight 1: Montego Bay (MBJ) to Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)

Flight 2: Frankfurt, Germany(FRA) to Seoul, Korea (ICN)


7. Colombia

Can I tell you just how much I love Colombia. For the record, before we go any further it is nothing like what the media makes it seem. The locals are friendly, it is relatively easy to get around and there is so much to do and see. In terms of affordability, it is ranked as one of the top places to visit on this list.

Jamaicans are allotted 90 days (3months) to visit Colombia on each visit. How to visit from Jamaica? Here are the deets my friends.

Booking Details from Jamaica to Colombia 

You have two (2) options:

Option 1:

Flight 1: Montego Bay (MBJ) or Kingston(KIN) to Panama (PTY)

Flight 2: Panama (PTY) to Bogota, Colombia (BOG)

Option 2:

Flight 1: Montego Bay (MBJ) to Lima, Peru (LIM)

Flight 2: Lima, Peru (LIM) to Bogota, Colombia (BOG)


8. Singapore

Singapore was one of the countries I visited earlier this year and for my entire time there I was in awe. It is one of the cleanest and most high tech countries I have ever been. If I was suppose to joke about this, I would say it is as if they are living in the future.

Singapore is one of the few island-city states that Jamaicans are allotted to visit without a visa. It is also one of the few ” first world countries” Jamaicans can visit with just a passport. Since Singapore is physically half way around the world visiting directly from Jamaica is possible but personally not recommended. Instead, try to fit in 1 or 2 more countries on your itinerary and country hop instead.

A visit is ideal when you have a few other South East Asian countries on the line up (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia)

As it relates to Singapore, Jamaicans are allotted 30 days to roam about island-city per year.

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9. Mexico

Mexico makes the list every year! In all, I have spent about 11 months travelling around Mexico. From the Caribbean coast, to the south to the east coast and then a bit of the North. Mexico has jus to much to offer. It is close enough where it is only a few hours away and far enough to experience a whole other culture.

Jamaicans can visa Mexico visa-free for up to 180 days (6 months). Here is how to get to Mexico from Jamaica:

Booking Details from Jamaica to Mexico

Option 1:

Flight 1: Montego Bay (MBJ) or Kingston(KIN) to Panama (PTY)

Flight 2: Panama (PTY) to Mexico City (MEX)

Option 2:

Flight 1: Montego Bay (MBJ) to Lima, Peru (LIM)

Flight 2: Lima, Peru (LIM) to Mexico City (MEX)

Book with Copa Airlines for option 1 or LATAM for option 2.


10. Serbia

As of 2019, Jamaicans can now travel to Serbia visa-free. It is one of the only European countries, if not the only European country Jamaicans can visit without a visa.

No visa is required for visits of up to 40 days within a year-period.

As for a few other countries mentioned on here, since Serbia is almost half way around the world pairing it with a few other neighbouring countries work best. You want to get the best bang for your buck. Instead of thinking of visiting just Serbia, pair it a few neighboring countries. If you have countries like Hungary, Greece, Montenegro on one your upcoming itineraries be sure to add Serbia.

11. Panama

This is probably the easiest country to visit on this list as it relates to visa-free. It is also one of the gateways to Latin America and a major hub for many countries beyond that.

It is a country that links Central America to South America and is famously known for the “Panama Canal”. To put things into perspective, it is the gateway to almost all countries if we should go the visa-free way.

Panama is also a great country to visit. If you are also looking to brush up on your Spanish lingo, it is highly recommended.

Book with Copa Airlines. Avoid using search engines (Kayak, Expedia). Search and book directly through the airline’s website.


12. South Africa

South Africa is one of the top African countries I will mention a few times due to its easy access (visa-free) and how welcoming they are to travellers. For more than one reason South Africa has made this list.

They have some of the best urban beaches across the globe. If you are a wine love (like myself ) you will be visiting a wine haven. Nelson Mandela, I don’t think I need to say more than that. Well, just one more thing, this is also where you’ll go to experience “Big 5”.

Booking Details from Jamaica to South Africa

Flight 1: Montego Bay (MBJ) to Lima, Peru (LIM)

Flight 2: Lima, Peru (LIM) via Sao Paulo (GRU) to Cape Town, South Africa (CPT)


13. Chile 

During my first years of travelling Chile was my base. I have lived in Chile for about 3 years and that’s where I was able to pick up Spanish as a second language.

Along with Argentina, Chile is breathtaking stunning especially Patagonia which is last inhabitable region before going over to the continent of Antartica. Chile has the direst non-polar dessert in the far north and Patagonia in the far south.

I do not know who needs to hear this, but if nature, mountains, waterfalls, glaciers gets you excited I recommend that you to visit in 2020. If you are also looking to do an ultimate road trip overseas I call shots on this one as well.

Jamaicans can visit Chile for up to 90 days without a visa.

Booking Details from Jamaica to Chile

Option 1:

Flight 1: Montego Bay (MBJ) or Kingston(KIN)  to Panama (PTY)

Flight 2: Panama (PTY) to Santiago de Chile (SCL)

Option 2:

Flight 1: Montego Bay (MBJ) to Lima, Peru (LIM)

Flight 2: Lima, Peru (LIM) to Santiago, Chile (SCL)

torres del paine-patagonia-chile San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

14. Brazil

Brazil became visa- free a few months before RIO 2016 which grants Jamaicans the opportunity to visit for 90 days without a visa. Since LATAM has opened up a pathway to South America it has made the world is a little closer.

The locals are friendly and there is so much to do and see here. Getting from Jamaica to Brazil is a quick 1. 2.

Option 1:

Flight 1: Montego Bay (MBJ) or Kingston(KIN)  to Panama (PTY)

Flight 2: Panama (PTY) to Rio de Janeiro (GIG)

Option 2:

Flight 1: Montego Bay (MBJ) to Lima, Peru (LIM)

Flight 2: Lima, Peru (LIM) to Rio de Janeiro (GIG)


15. Cuba 

As a Jamaican traveller, I’ve had somewhat a fair share of exploring the Caribbean; Cuba is in a category by itself. During my visit, for the most part, I remember walking around Havana in awe.

It is almost like a dream from decades ago. You know, vintage cars, quaint looking buildings from the 1950’s, streets lined with pastel-looking houses? From the moment you touch down in Cuba, you will be transported to a different era.

Not only is Cuba visa-free with a twist, there is a direct flight from from Jamaica to Havana.

When visiting, be sure to obtain your visa-card from the local Cuba embassy or travel agency.

Book with interCaribbean Airways. Book directly from the airline’s website as opposed to using search engines.


16. Argentina

In all my days of travelling, off the top of my head I have already visited Argentina about 10 times. If you are a fan of the andes,, great scenery, steak and wine… Argentina is in it for the win.

Jamaican can visit Argentina for up to 90 days in one visit without a visa. Here’s how to do it.

Option 1:

Flight 1: Montego Bay (MBJ) or Kingston(KIN)  to Panama (PTY)

Flight 2: Panama (PTY) to Buenos Aires (EZE)

Option 2:

Flight 1: Montego Bay (MBJ) to Lima, Peru (LIM)

Flight 2: Lima, Peru (LIM) to Buenos Aires (EZE)


17. The Bahamas 

The Bahamas is a direct flight from the Norman Manley airport in Kingston and is a part of CARICOM. This allow Jamaicans to visit for up to 90 days without a visa.

With a direct flight from Jamaica and as a caribbean island that does not require visa to enter for short term stays, The Bahamas made the list as it can be a “first country” visit for anyone that has not travelled outside of the country before.

In addition, The Bahamas has some of the most stunning beaches. Be sure to add it to your list if you are looking for a tropical getaway.

Book with Caribbean Airlines. Be sure to search directly from the airline’s website as opposed to using search engines.

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18. Botswana 

Earlier in this post I mentioned that if you are travelling to Africa be sure to add 1 or 2 more countries to your itinerary. Africa is too far down to just visit one country. Once again, you want to get the best bang for you buck.

Here we are with Botswana, neighboring country to South Africa and Namibia.

Botswana is a major bucketlist country if you are looking to experience the Gorilla Safaris and see the Victoria waterfalls up close and personal.

It is also known to have the largest elephant population on the continent. Aforementioned, I recommend pairing Botswana with Namibia and South Africa.

Jamaicans are allotted to 90 visa-free travel days!


19. Dominica

Like in most articles, I encourage Intra-Caribbean travel. This time, let head over to Dominica.

Dominica is know to be one the most mountains Caribbean islands equipped with natural hot springs and tropical rain forests. In order words, it’s know for its greenery and nature. Any nature lovers here?

Since Dominica is a part of CARICOM, Jamaicans can visit for a whole 180-days.

How to get from Jamaica to Dominica with crossing over into the US. Book with Caribbean Airlines.

Flight 1: Kingston(KIN) – Antigua & Barbuda( ANU)

Flight 2: Antigua & Barbuda( ANU) – Roseau, Dominica( DOM)

*The stopover one Antigua & Barbuda is about 12hrs.


20. Fiji

I couldn’t help but to add the South Pacific country to the list.

It is an archipelago of about 300 islands. It is know for its pristine beaches, impressive landscape and coral reef.

The good thing about all of this is that, Jamaicans can visit for a whole 121 days (4 months) without a visa.

With Fiji being on the other side of the world, I recommend pairing it with a other few countries. If you are thinking of visiting Japan, New Zealand, Australia… Fiji is just one flight away.


Happy travels

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    Thank you for sharing this information. I love the details that were shared. I am going to save up some money and follow your tips above.

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