On The Edge: Rockhouse Boutique Hotel- Negril, Jamaica

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Rocksteady would be the perfect adjective for this piece of paradise washed by the shores of the Caribbean Sea in easygoing Jamaica.

Drawn in by it’s natural beauty and the warm welcome received; moments of happy walks and great discoveries were yet to come from my Island’s land of birth.

The Rockhouse Boutique Hotel located in Negril, some 220.6kms from Kingston the nation’s capital.

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For some travelers they are most satisfied after they realize their room is great and the kitchen is up to par. Well, if you are that type of explorer Rockhouse will fill that role too; the food is exceptional and furthermore there is no picture that can really capture the reflection of the Orange when the sun kisses the tail of the blue waters.


For me however, I want to go off its beaten path that blooms with joy and learn what is beneath the surface, what makes a resort feels so open and its staff so genuine. The location however helped me develop this curiosity even more, greeted with a constant “Wah Gwaan man” patois for ‘how are you’. The people’s natural lingo and politeness were comforting.

The staff took the responsibility in ensuring that my response to ” Wah Gwaan ” is always ‘I am good’.


Developed in the 1970’s the stylish rock-based foundation hotel has been gathering it’s ideas and it’s many made-up infrastructure parts from Jamaica’s local furniture makers, making the experience truly authentic as well as trying to replenish the Country’s economy by buying and embracing local. And of course, adding the natural flow of the island known as the land of wood and water.


But the Rockhouse is not only about its hospitality or natural beauty. A whole new meaning will develop after you learn about the resort’s behind the scene work. Proudly announcing its 10 year on going “Rockhouse Foundation” ; an establishment dedicated in sustaining and replenishing the Moreland Hill Primary Infant school located 40 minutes west of the property through scheduled summer school sessions with international volunteers with the funding from the resort and donations.

A complete and unique package you will find here; as it should be. It’s beautiful surrounding, its relaxing and soothing atmosphere, the sound of the waves bashing beneath your feet, its friendly staff, its tasty cuisine, it’s newly structured bath house to give you the ultimate relaxation. But, it is only complete  when giving back is a part of the agreement, which is an  integral part of their agenda. Says who?


Rockhouse does not only give you a resort perspective or experience. It really embodies its location by taking you right to the edge. Whilst many will come to get their toes wet, to dance around bear- footed, to feed their taste buds to some of the island’s delicacies, the heart and soul of the resort will create a beautiful escape. And, if  escape is not what you seek familiarity is right at your door step.


Rocksteady would be the perfect adjective for this piece of paradise. And on the rock…on the edge-feel to many travelers and explorers who deem the need to dance around bear-footed and to feed their taste buds with the Island’s richest delicacies. Whilst this will give you an exceptional island experience, a ‘cutting edge’ will be introduced through its friendly staff and through the property’s behind the scene work.

  • SW
    July 14, 2015

    Good going. 🙂 Loving this post. Pictures are really good and your choice of words that described the experience makes you really want to go there. One day soon :))))) And oh…..I like that they have a foundation.; not very common among resort owners. Nice work Rockhouse. Great work Shea P

  • Nparker
    July 14, 2015

    Really nice work great photo and really helpful details I can feel the islands Warmth from miles away.

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