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11 Must Do Things In Frankfurt

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When it comes on to big, metropolitan cities I tend to do a little bit more planning, as big cities can be overwhelming trying to pinpoint on what to see and do.

Though Frankfurt is mostly considered a transit city, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much it has to offer during my trip last month.

For its central location, Frankfurt is known as the “Gateway to Europe”.  From historical visits to museums to skyline views, here are 11 things you must do in Frankfurt.

1. Visit Römerberg

If you are a fan of the Mid-Centric Medieval architecture, visiting the city’s cathedral is a must-do. Lined with the antique timber-framed houses, there Römerberg (“Roman Mountain”) happens to be the historic heart of Frankfurt and one that is flocked with visitors.

It is usually crowded by 9 am here, I recommend getting here between 7:30- 8am  if you’ll like to freely walk around and possibly take a few good snaps.

Also, when you think of pretty, European pedestrian streets then this is the one. In terms, of physical location, the Romerberg has more to see if you venture on the backside or behind the Romerberg Square.

Often times, travellers are here to visit the Cathedral, without realizing there is a whole other world just a few meters away. It’s a great location for observing the old, historical buildings and row-like houses.

2. Visit Goethe’s House & Museum 

If history is your thing, then make sure to add Goethe’s House to your list of things to do in Frankfurt. The Goethe’s House is the birthplace of Germany’s most important writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, born in 1749.

Inside, you’ll find a museum, the only museum that is dedicated to the Goethe’s era.

3. Explore The Sachsenhausen District

I got to explore this area of Frankfurt on my very last few days in the city after checking into Libertine Lindenberg. If you are looing for free things to do in Frankfurt or things to do in Frankfurt at nights, then consider this an option.

Sachsenhausen is famous for its Apple Wine pubs, cobblestone streets and timber-framed houses. Travellers visit to explore the old German charm and to indulge in a few glasses of Apfelwein.

4. See Frankfurt’s Skyline

You can visit the Main Tower for a panoramic view. It is good around the time for sunset. 58 floors up and the views are spectacular.

Entrance fee to the viewpoint: 8 Euros.

 Source: Main Tower

5. Coffee Break in the Cathedral 

I stopped by one the cafes in the heart of the cathedral. I wanted to sit, enjoy the views and people watch. What better place to do it. I was also stunned by my bill after ordering a large coffee-based beverage and a dessert to go with it.

With a location like that, my bill was only 7 Euros. My take on it? Enjoy a coffee break here.

6. Try the Street Food 

I’m a huge fan of trying the street food whenever I travel. Getting in line a few times to try some of Frankfurt’s street food was not only affordable, easily accessible, tasty, but it also gave me a chance to try some of Germany’s most famous sausages.

Add it to your list of things to do in Frankfurt.

Tip: try Bratwurst sausage.

7. Städel Museum

Rated as one of the top museums in Frankfurt, the Städel Museum is a 200-year-old institution known for its impressive collections, documenting 700 years of art history alongside its exhibitions.

Also, visitors may recognized some of the popular artworks featured.

     Source: BDA-hessen

8. Walk the Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge)

I couldn’t help but think that walking along the Iron Bridge will give a different perspective of the city, in which it did. It is almost like old meets the new.

Infact, if you want to walk from the historical square to the neighborhood of Sachsenhausen, consider using this pedestrian bridge. There are many bridges that spans across the Main Rover, however, the Eiserner Steg is the only walking bridge that connects Sachsenhausen to downtown.

When crossing the bridge, you’ll get a good view of the downtown Skyline. It is also the bridge with the locks of love.  It’s also the site for thousands of locks of love.

9. City Views From Domtrum 

If you up for taking in the views of the city from a different perspective, be sure to add Domtrum to you list of places to visit.

However, it takes a bit of a walk up (more like climb) to get to the observation deck; 300+ steps and an entrance fee of 3 Euros.

The views are spectacular especially late evenings.

10. Try the Apfelwein

Apfelwein is a popular apple cider drink in Germany, particular in Frankfurt. Since the surrounding areas of Frankfurt produce some of the richest fruits in Germany, it is only natural that some of that the apple juice here is allowed to ferment and become alcoholic.

It is known to have a tart-like sour taste and is best served with particular dishes. If you are wondering where to have a few glasses of Apfelwein in Frankfurt, you cannot go wrong with the Sachsenhausen district. 

Source: Drinks and Trips

11. Visit Hauptwache

Hauptwache happens to be the busy central point of Frankfurt and is the most famous plaza in the city.

The Baroque Hauptwache structure is what gave the city square its name. Dated back to the 1730’s, it was once a prison but has been transformed into a coffee-shop haven.

  Source: Expedia


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