Jamaica Food & Drink Festival: An Experience In A Box

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Another Jamaica Food & Drink Festival with 5 different featured meals on 5 different days. This particular meal course was dubbed with the title “Bakers & Bubbles” for a reason and I was here for it.



Overview of Jamaica Food & Drink Festival 2020

The Jamaica Food and Drink Festival hosted their 6th annual event and this time it was an experience “in a box”.

With a few different meals set out to complete this season of food festivities I indulged in the “Bakers & Bubbles” experience. I was eager to try the desserts and wet my pallets with the bubbles. Life is too short so eat dessert first… and drink the champagne too! *wink*


 “Bakers and Bubbles” in a Box

The Bakers and Bubbles experience in a box had just about everything you needed to enjoy from where you stand. A whole experience catered for a party from 2-4.

The Experience in the Box came with a serving of each dessert:

✓Cinnamon Mocha Rum Crumble Bar

✓Dark Chocolate Dulce De Leche

✓Passion Fruit Gâteau

✓Amaretto Coconut Cheesecake

To top that all off it was paired with a Ruffino Prosecco + 2 Champagne Flutes.


jamaica-food-drink-2020 jamaica-food-drink-2020



If you were ever wondering what my favourite was I have to give it to the Passion Fruit Gâteau and the Amaretto Coconut Cheesecake. Though, I truly had a hard time choosing.

The Jamaica Food and Drink has exposed us to what it’s like to have an experience in a box literally from where you stand.

This “Bakers & Bubbles” eats were prepared by SEAR27 with Trevanne Dongeal behind the mastery located in Kingston, Jamaica.

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